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PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm


Swimming Pool safety is a huge concern for swimming pool owners every year. Every year there are sad statistics of how many kids drown in swimming pools because proper precautions were not taken. If you don’t already have a swimming pool safety system in place then it is time to get one. One of the best companies to purchase swimming pool alarms from is Pool Guard. Pool Guard has been manufacturing swimming pool alarms since 1982 and has become one of the largest sellers in the United StatesPoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm.

PoolGuard offers you sound peace of mind as well as a great product. When used properly the PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm is guaranteed safety. Most accidents happen due to unsupervised kids wandering into swimming pools. It is understandable that parents can’t always be around and kids often wander outside. With the PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm, you will know immediately if someone is in the pool. The PoolGuard is a great way to detected small animals that get into the swimming pools. Take a look and see what PoolGuard has to offer.

The PoolGuard is an electronic monitoring system that will send out an alarm automatically when a child or small animal enters into the pool. You can install the PoolGuard Alarm and you can save hundreds of dollars on installation alone. The alarm is lightweight and is easy to install, simply place the side of the swimming pool. Once the alarm has been set the monitoring system will let you know if someone has entered you pool by sounding a loud alarm through the transmitter system.

Features of the Pool Guard Above Ground Pool Alarm

PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm
The features of the PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm include an automatic wakeup, the system will automatically wake up and it will run a systems check to ensure that the alarm is running properly. This will happen once the alarm is installed. The PoolGuard Alarm comes with an in the house receiver that will let the homeowner know when the swimming pool has been breached. The receiver has a 200-foot range and comes with a 12-volt power supply.

The alarm works on a simple 9-volt battery that has a life span of about one year. The alarm also comes with an easy to hear low battery indicator on the outside of the pool and the sound will transmit to the in the house receiver as well. The PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm is designed with an advanced technology that uses a new sensing system that can detect fewer false alarms than any other system out there.

Can I use this alarm on an in-ground swimming pool?

No, this swimming pool alarm was designed with Above ground Swimming Pools in mind. The PoolGuard Company offers many great alarms. In fact the PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm can compensate for different size above ground swimming pools. The sensor cannot be less than 3 inches and not more than 8 inches into the water for the maximum effect.
PoolGuard In-Ground Pool Alarm
What else can I use with my PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm to ensure safety?

There are so many safety precautions that you can take that will work with the PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm. To ensure additional safety, always make sure that your swimming pool water is clear. Clear water along with the alarm can make child or animal detection easier. Also, tell your kids that want to swim in the pool that they must always swim with someone and an adult if available. Try to keep your swimming pool contained with a safety fence or door alarm. Staying safe this summer should be your number one priority. By using the PoolGuard Above Ground Pool Alarm is a great way to start. Practice water safety and teach your kids about water safety and the importance of not to go near the pool when there isn’t an adult available. Someone in the household should enroll in CPR classes too. Staying safe is just as important as having fun but explain to the kids that as long as everyone follows the safety rules there is no reason why they cannot have fun.

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