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Dirt Devil Catalyst Robotic Pool Cleaner


Dirt Devil is perhaps the most popular name in the vacuum industry. But not only does the Dirt Devil name bring you the best home vacuuming system that you will ever buy but they can do the same for your swimming pool. Dirt Devil has a complete line of robotic swimming pool cleaner. Dirt Devil is synonymous with high quality, high-grade materials. The Dirt Devil Robotic Pool Cleaner is one of the best pool cleaners in the business.Dirt Devil Catalyst Robotic Pool Cleaner

One of the best selling models in the Dirt Devil Robotic Pool Cleaner line is the Dirt Devil Catalyst. This high-powered vacuum pool cleaner is designed with their patented DSP or Digital Signal Processing. This system was created to figure out your pool size and will automatically program the machine to clean the pool in the most efficient way possible. No matter what size or shape your swimming pool is. One of the great features that the Dirt Devil Catalyst offers is the On Board Dirt Devil Computer.

The Dirt Devil Catalyst can clean your entire pool in as little as 3 hours. The Catalyst offers an EZ clean filter bag that helps pick up and contain all debris found in the bottom of swimming pools, such as leaves, dirt, twigs and even small particles of sand. The Catalyst offers a strong and innovative Super Brush design that can easily clean any swimming pool surface, quickly and most effectively.
Dirt Devil Catalyst Robotic Pool Cleaner
With the Dirt Devil Catalyst, there are no addition connections to your pool and filter system. The Dirt Devil Catalyst runs independently. The unit has a two drive speed levels that can be set to climb up and down the walls of the swimming pool. The Dirt Devil Catalyst has a two-year warranty. The benefits of the Dirt Devil Catalyst are that it can actually save you money. The machine only uses 150 watts of power, which is the equivalent to using a light bulb. You will not need a booster pump or run your filter with the Catalyst so it in turn will save you money on your energy bill as well as save you time. No more standing around the swimming pool sweating and feel frustrated that you can’t get it done fast enough.

Let the Dirt Devil Catalyst do the work for you. The Catalyst can also clean not just the swimming pool floor but the walls and the steps as well. It can easily maneuver around swimming pool ladders and any obstruction in its way. If you are looking to spend more time in the swimming pool rather than cleaning it, then the Dirt Devil Catalyst is what you need. This robotic pool cleaner can offer you a great cleaning every time. The Dirt Devil Catalyst can save you time and money this summer. With pool owners trying to save money wherever they can, the best place to start is with the Dirt Devil Catalyst. To see all of the other great products in the Dirt Devil Line, check out their website.


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