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Pex Vs Copper


WeT HeaD KnowledgeChoosing between Pex Pipe and Copper Pipe can be a big decision for many people and yet and easy one for others. There are many thing to consider when deciding what plumbing pipe you should use. Pex has many advantages including how easy it is to install for the average person, compared to the expert skill set you would need to install copper pipe. Copper pipe requires working with a torch, solder, flux which can be scary and or dangerous to the plumbing newbie. Pex does not require any tools that have open flames or even dangerous chemicals in order to put it together. This makes it very attractive to use for many homeowners, handymen and even plumbing professionals.

Copper however can resist many chemicals that Pex cannot. This is also the same deal with sunlight. Pex can be damaged if left in direct sunlight for extended periods of time. Copper can deteriorate over time from hard water conditions, where Pex pipe would not break down. At this point you can probably get the sense that there are a lot of pros and cons of both Pex and Copper Plumbing pipe. Each pipe style will require that you own a certain set of tools to install it properly. Copper Pipe that is used to rough in new homes or commercial buildings is usually sold in the stick form, meaning it is sold in 10″ or 20′ lengths. Pex Pipe is sold in rolls of 100′, 200′ and 300′ foot rolls. Many plumbing contractors like Pex Pipe over copper because Pex is easier to work with and much faster to install leaving more of an ROI on the job. Copper Plumbing will take a true professional with a master skill set and also a bit longer to install compared to the plastic domestic water pipe called Pex.

The price of copper and also Pex can make a difference to you as well if your plumbing project has a budget. Depending on what brand of Pex your looking to install will depend on how expensive the piping job will be, With copper you can build your own manifolds and with Pex you can buy manifold but they are more expensive. Before making your final decision you should contact a plumbing professional to see what they recommend in your home.

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