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American Standard Gateway Toilet

Toilet Specs:

Gallons Per Flush : 1.6 gal

Bowl Rim Height : 15.7 in

Collection Name: Gateway

Color / Finish: White

Toilet Type: Two-Piece

Flush Lever: Left side of tank

Rough In: 12 inch

Estimated Price: $88 – $129.00

American Standard Gateway Toilet

This American Standard Gateway Toilet has 2-Piece elongated bowl that is preferred by many American home owners. Usually it comes in white colored 2-piece units (tank and bowl) separately. It also provides famous durable grade A vitreous-china construction and Fluidmaster fill and flush valve which will save the water usage every time you flush out.

When you purchase this entire set as a package, there will be separate pieces of tank and the bowl, along with accessories including plastic seat and cover, matching bolt and plastic caps. If you find a wax ring, inspect the existing one on the floor and take it off with screwdriver and use rag to clean it out. Also check if there is floor mounting bolts that came with the package and you would want to replace that part as well.

Customers who bought this unit and installed themselves had a pretty good response on the product. When they had to replace their old model toilet, they were happy about easy install process and the overall price tag. It seems like the price range is one of the main deciding factors when it comes to selecting their final model and maker for their toilet replacement project. Most of people look for not very expensive one, but still decent and reliable unit with reputation. The unit’s height and length (especially with elongated design) are favored by most American homeowners who are looking for quick and easy solution on their bathroom remodeling work.

Another comment from commercial plumbing professionals is that this company has been making pretty decent products for many years so that they can rely on them as they install them on the customers’ houses. The product’s trap is well designed and also glazed all the way, so it really helps the entire flush process easier and helps the product last longer than others. This is a truly valuable recommendation from the real professionals, so it is worthwhile to note it.


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