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Peerless Pro Series Boiler


The Peerless Pro Series Residential Oil Fired Boiler is one Peerless Boiler’s top selling boilers. The Pro Series has a rating input between 73 and 151 MBH and an output MBH of 63 to 131 MBH. It has a 3-pass design system that makes this boiler a high efficiency boiler.

Pro Series is a great choice for a residential boiler because of the rising heating costs. Homeowners are looking to save money wherever they can. The Pro Series Oil Fired Boiler comes standard with Cast Iron Boiler Sections, with factory tested and installed steel push nipples. The boiler is coated with super insulated enameled steel designed to add to the efficiency of the boiler by sealing in the heat and water traveling through the boiler.

The Pro Series has a 30 PSIG Safety Relief Valve, Honeywell Controls and a front cleanout system making cleaning and maintenance easier than ever before. You will also get a Solid State Burner Control that has a Pre and Post Purge installation. The Pro Series has a high efficiency flame retention burners. This means the burner will hold the flame to light the burner longer than other burners. This will cut down on using energy of the burner to keep lighting the flame to the burner every time you crank up the heat.

When you purchase a Pro Series Boiler you can rest assured that you are getting an oil fired boiler that is cost efficient as well as energy efficient but the boiler is environmentally friendly, the emission on the Pro Series are very low. Some features that come standard on the Pro Series Boilers are the 3 Pass Boiler Design, the boiler is constructed from protective cast iron, the trim and the boiler is compact enough that it will fit in any size basement. The Pro Series also has quiet flame retention burners, a full front swinging out door and it is ETL Certified. The Peerless Boilers all have flue sizes of about 6″. The Pro Series Boilers have limited lifetime warranties on the boiler sections. They offer a 5 and 10 year extended warranties on the parts and labor for Peerless Boilers Full Line of Boilers.

The efficiency of the boiler is also rated on a fuel oil that has a heating capacity of 140,000 BTU per gallon. The output on the burner is based on an altitude of 2000 feet. The Pro Series Boilers work with a chimney size of 8″ x 8″ x 15 feet. Peerless Boilers work hard to bring their customers the very best products in the heating industry. They bring dependable, strong and money saving products to fulfill all of your heating needs. Peerless Pro Series Boiler is not just practical but it is rated one of the best boilers in the heating industry. Peerless is a name you can trust their products are top of the line with the best parts and the best technology in the industry today.


  1. Ok, so… I’m looking for a review from people who actually have this boiler in their home please? :)

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