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NX Beckett Burner


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe NX Beckett Burner has a firing rate of 0.40 to 1.75 GPH and an Input Minimum of 56,000 BTU’s and a Maximum of 245,000 BTU’s. On these burners, it is recommended that you use a Number 1 and a Number 2 Heating Oil in the United States and in Canada, it is recommended that a Number 1 Stove Oil or a Number 2 Furnace Oil.

The electrical supply of the NX burner uses a Power Supply of 120 Volts AC, a 60 HZ and a Single Phase. The Operating Load is 5.8 Amps Maximum. The motor is a 1/7hp, 3450 RPM with a NEMA 48M Frame. The Ignition is a Continuous Duty Solid State Igniter. The NX Beckett Burner has a maximum height is 12-1/2 inches, a width of 15 inches and the depth of 9-1/4 inches. The burner is compact so it can be installed safely and not jammed into tight corners,

When you are installing the NX Beckett Burner it is important to make sure all of your connections fit and all of the measurements are correct. For example, for Exhaust Fans and other devices that use air, you want to make sure that all air openings are big enough to supply all of the air using devices plus keep the minimum size requirements for the combustion air. If there is not the proper combustion and Ventilation Air Supply which is required then you cannot run the burner properly, it will not burn the fuel unless the ventilation and combustion are correct. If you are installing the burner onto a chimney or a vent then you should make sure that they are both sized correctly and they are established to be in good working order to be used in conjunction with a burner. Measurements and sizing is so important when installing a burner, being off just a little bit can affect the installation and the way the burner works. The NX Beckett Burner is easy to service, they use all standard components and there are no foreign parts that will need to be ordered if they need to be replaced. The NX brings together air and the head settings into a single adjustment that will let the zero position to be set without having to move the burner.

Never keep your burner near gas or any other flammable liquids and vapors. You should not use the burner to burn garbage or any waste. For safety reasons only use the fuels that Beckett recommends, read the owners manual to make sure what fuels you can use, depending on if you are in the United States or Canada. Make sure that you never confine the air inlet of the burner of the combustion air vents openings in a room. Many times, people do not take the time to ensure proper care of their burners and because of this they tend to fail and you spend more money trying to fix the problem rather than taking the time to prevent a problem. The NX Beckett Burner is available on these boilers, Burnham, Buderus, Crown Boilers, Slant Fin, Thermo Dynamic, Triangle Tube and Weil McLain.


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