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Beckett Electronic Oil Igniter Review


WeT HeaD KnowledgeOne of the most widely used burners on boilers today is Beckett Burners. These burners are top of the line and only contain the most quality parts. But in addition to the burner are the components that are installed inside, giving the Beckett Burner the reputation it deserves. The Beckett Burner is one of the most reliable and dependable burners in the heating industry today. They offer so many great models to choose from. But just as important is that the components all work together to bring you a durable and outstanding product.

Perhaps one of the most important is the Beckett Electronic Oil Igniter. The igniter is how the burners get lit so the boiler can actually work. Without the igniter you have no fire and with no fire you have no heat or hot water. The electronic oil igniter from Beckett has some of the interesting features. The Oil Igniter is UL listed and recognized in both the United States and Canada. The Beckett Electronic Oil Igniter has a 20 kV input and an output peak rating of 6kV RMS. This will promise a very fast and efficient ignition. This will save you money in the long run because there is no extra power being used to light the burner, The Igniter is compact in size and is very light weight, it only weighs about 1.1 pounds. The Beckett Electronic Oil Igniter has a case material that is a high temperature thermoplastic. This covering will allow an impressive strength that will protect the igniter from impact upon installation and it is scratch resistant and it also protects against most chemicals. All of these factors will prolong the life of the burner.

The case design has what Beckett calls breakout sections located at the back of the burner and on the side of the burner. The purpose is for the lead wire exit and a lid to nicely cover and protect the wires where they need it the most. The igniter has a vacuum encapsulation method; meaning that the igniter is covered and protected using a man made resin, which is designed to fight off moisture and heat dissipation and electrical padding. The ambient operating temperature of the Igniter is -20 degrees Fahrenheit to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure that you read all of the manuals, instructions and parts list on the Beckett Burners, the more familiar you are with the way a burner works, the better you will be equipped to locate a problem if there is one. Upon installing the Beckett Electronic Oil Igniter it will adapt to many base plates. Beckett Electronic Oil Igniter is one of the most flexible in the heating industry today. The best part is that it will fit on other system’s burners and boilers. The Beckett Electronic Oil Igniter has two igniters systems plus, different mounting plates and terminals. These additions will let the system to become easily accustom to the following systems, Aero, Beckett, Carlin, Wayne and Weil McLain.


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