Monitor Gas Fired BoilersMonitor Gas Fired Boilers are unlike other boiler systems; these gas-fired boilers were designed with efficiency in mind. They are very compact but the work with a high performance quality. Monitor Gas Fired Residential Boilers are all wall hung units making installation easy and the space you will save alone is well worth every penny.

The Monitor Gas Fired Boiler Series offers boilers with your choice of Natural Gas or Liquid Propane. There are many different concepts to installation and not only is it a boiler, but they offer space heating options, domestic hot water and snow melting options and even pool and spa heating too. The Monitor Gas Fired Boilers are designed for residential use and these boilers are guaranteed to bring 100% reliable service every time. The Monitor Gas Fired Boilers offer an Energy Star rating which means you can guarantee a cost effective way to heat your home. There are 3 different models that the Monitor Boilers offer, the MZ Gas Fired Boiler Model MZ25S, the MZ25C and the MZ40C. Let’s take a look at what these boilers can offer you.

Monitor Model MZ25S Gas Fired Boiler

The Monitor Model MZ25S gas Fired Boiler offers medicine cabinet size boilers that have a built in flash hot water tank. There are no big bulky water tanks to install. These boilers are perfect if you have very limited space in your home or even for condominiums. The Monitor Model MZ25S offers two special functions, it can offer the comfort of heating your home at an efficient price and it can be used for domestic hot water.

The Model MZ25S offers an Energy Star Efficiency Rating of 95% and the Input of BTUH of 94,500. You may be hard pressed to find a compact boiler that can deliver these numbers. The unit measures in at 30″ H x 30″ W x 13″ D. You will get an instant hot water rate of 2.9 gallons per minute. The unit is a direct flue unit and it has some great features built in. You will get a Honeywell Positive Pressure Gas Valve, an Air Eliminator, a Low Water Cut off Valve, a Relief Valve and a Expansion Tank all built into this one little but powerful unit.

Monitor Model MZ25C Gas Fired Boiler

This model is one of the most popular in the series. It has the extra functions of comfort heating your home, which is important especially with weather becoming colder by the year; it would be great to have the comfort of heat at a price you can afford. This unit is Energy Star Rated at an efficiency of 95% with an Input BTUH rating of 94, 500. This unit has a BS Indirect Tank, which provides the customer with hot water production of 193 to 273 gallons per hour. The Model MZ25C has some great features built in, they offer a Grundfos # 1542 Circulating Pump, a Honeywell Positive Pressure Gas Valve, an Air Eliminator, Relief Tank and an Expansion Tank all built in. This will also save you money because everything is included into one boiler package.

Monitor Model MZ40C Gas Fired Boiler

The Monitor Model MZ40C offers a technologically advanced system. The MZ40C has a dual stainless steel burner set up that will provide the unit with 71,000 BTUH Output and a total BTU rating of 142,000. One of the special features about this boiler is that the system can sense when the return water temp is less than 12 degrees Fahrenheit from the outgoing portion of the boilers. One burner will shut down as the other one will still heat the home and it will actually increase the boiler’s efficiency. This unit unlike the other two can be used for small apartment buildings, restaurants and commercial buildings. This unit’s sole function is to provide comfort heat the hot water function is a separate function. The Energy Star Rating is 95% and there is no clearance needed for combustibles. The MZ40C offers a hot water production (also with a BS Indirect Tank) of 250 gallons per hour to 352 gallons per hour. The MZ40C is a direct venting system and like the other two MZ Series Boilers, the MZ40C comes with an air eliminator, a relief valve, a Grundfos Circulating Pump, a Low Water Cut Off and the Honeywell Positive Gas Valve. Whether you choose the MZ25C, the MZ25S or the MZ40C, the Monitor Gas Fired Boiler System is compact, energy efficient and you can save a lot of money on your home heating bills. If you are still using an old fashioned, out dated boiler system, maybe it is time to upgrade. Choose the Monitor Gas Fired Boiler Series and choose the model that is right for you.