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Lawn Grubs – How to treat them effectively in early Spring


Lawn grubs are the scourge of the garden enthusiast. They live within the soil, chewing on the roots of the grass, which in turn begins to ruin the grass and turn it to a brown colour. It can pose you with two specific problems besides your grass turning to a horrible colour, though – it can bring unwanted guests to the grass which will dig up the ground looking for these little critters, and it also damages the grass and the vitality of the ground itself, which can cause a lot of issues for you down the line. We realise how frustrating it can be to have an issue with Lawn Grubs, and we want to give you all the information you need to deal with them – How to find them, what to do to them, what to use against them, and how to avoid them ever returning to darken your lawn – literally – again!

How do I find them?

It is pretty easy to spot the appearance of grubs, if you know what you are looking for. You will see damage at its most noticeable during the Summer up until early Autumn, you can notice the damaged areas by brown patches of grass that stand out against the normal patches, and it will tear away from the floor almost like a rug. If you notice these areas, you should dig one area up when you spot the brown grass, so you can see the extent of damage below. If you are finding roughly more than five Lawn Grubs every quarter of a square foot means you should start to consider getting treatment for your poor back yard grass area.

Grub Treatment

Once the lawn grubs have settled in and have been detected by yourself, and you have diagnosed that treatment is needed, you need to know when the best time to get involved is. We highly recommend doing treatment in the late summer, or early autumn – the same time you will optimally find the grubs – you will be able to see them by digging in a little, and they will be quite small. They are pretty strong against getting treatment in the spring, as they have already fed before – on your back yard! – and they are also too big at this point, as well as you can still get regular rain in the Spring, meaning any treatment will just be washed away in the rain.

We can highly recommend using insectides to deal with Lawn Grubs. When treating them in the fall, you should use Dylox. It is probably the quickest acting and strongly effective product available that you can get easy access to from most Garden stores.

If you are going to be dealing with your problem in the Late Summer, we recommend Mach-2. It can be helpful for preventing any further recurrence of Grubs. Mach-2 gets into the Lawn Grubs before they can even lay their eggs, meaning that they will be dead before they can lay a new breed before they start to duplicate and infest your entire grass area. The products come with very easy to use instructions, so just do as they say on the tin and you will do just fine.

Natural Treatments

If you want to get rid of your lawn grub problem in a quick and effective manner, using only natural treatments, then you have a variety of options available to you. Best of all, they are completely safe to the soil and very effective at doing what we need – dealing with our little bug problem!

You can use Milky Spore, which is actually a disease which can treat lawn grubs with strict efficiency, while being safe to the environment. You should apply the spores to the patches of brown grass, and it will infect the area and in turn, infect the grubs when they are feeding. The best part is, once they die off and de-compose into the soil, the soil remains “contaminated” which will prevent against future infestations.

Nematodes can be used as a natural remedy to lawn grub issues. These small worms burrow into the soil, and release bacteria into the soil which does no damage to the grass itself, and kills off the lawn grubs. You can get them in a liquid form, or mixed into a water spray, and spray it onto the areas that require treatment.

Hopefully now you can understand how important this is to your lawn and how much damage it can do, you can now look for the early signs of the problem, and dealing with it quickly and effectively, as well as having five different products to help you cope with the evil monster that is lawn grubs!


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