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Asko D5122XXL Dishwasher Reviews


The Asko D5122XXL model dishwasher is a state-of-the-art built in dishwasher that may come in white, black or stainless steel to fit the feel of your kitchen. This model provides the largest bottom rack in the market that is sure to fit the needs of those who have a large family or those who tend to socialize. This powerful dishwasher is sure to clean dishes of varies sizes as one of the leading brands in energy and water efficiency. With a user-friendly control panel, this appliance is not only stylish in the kitchen, but is also easy to use and learn. Some perks of this product include: the quiet operation of cleaning cycles so you can enjoy peace and quiet or not be interrupted by the loud churning noises other models and brands of dishwashers make, large racks that hold enormous amounts of dishes or pans, and security within the dishwasher for safe knife handling.

Special features of the Asko D5122XXL model dishwasher include: Five Temperature options (up to 160 degrees), self-cleaning system, covered grip handle, TurboDry drying system that will not leave water stains on your dishes, adjustable shelves, kid lock mechanism, a finish that does not leave fingerprints, and four wash cycles including: heavy (pots and pans), normal, quick, rinse & hold.

This Asko model dishwasher is a built-in dishwasher with a height of 34 to 36 ½ inches, depth of 24” and width of 24”. The variances in height are due to the adjustable feet. With the door open, there is a depth of 49-1/2 inches. The tank is stainless steel and the weight is approximately 104 lb’s with a voltage of 120. Many dishwashers consume roughly about 7-10 gallons of water/cycle, but the Asko D5122XXL model dishwasher only uses 3.8 gallons with an annual energy consumption of 259 kWh. In short, this model is also environmentally green.

The installation is extremely easy and user friendly. One main problem facing the many families who utilize this economically powerful and green appliance is the event of some water left at the bottom of the tank after a cycle. This is completely normal (if there is only a little). At the start of the next cycle, the low amounts of remaining water will be pushed through the drain. However, if there is a great deal of water, check the hose to make sure it is hooked up properly. Another reported issue was relatively longer running time when it is loaded with pans and pots. It could be depending on the size and total number of such items to be cleaned out completely, so it might be subjective opinion when comparing its total running time in a regular run cycle mode.

Other customers also reported that if they wanted to stop the washer and change the cycle while running they couldn’t find any easy way to do it, and it had to be stopped completely first and then readjust the status on the dial. This happened to rinse aid dispenser as well, where customers were having hard time to open and change when needed. It might be due to different operational mechanism or style of this unique product from the manufacturer, therefore adjusting customers’ operational habits could be another factor to be considered.

Energy Star ratings are on all Asko dishwashers, and are ISo 140001 certified. This model and all other models meet a high Energy Factor (EF) of at least 0.8 cycle/KWh or more. Every model of the Asko design use less than 4 gallons of water and less than 1oz. of detergent (significantly less than other models). The Asko D5122XXL ranks amid the top performance dishwashers in four energy and water on the market.

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