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Kohler One Piece Toilet Troubleshooting & Repair Guide


If you are having trouble with your Kohler One Piece Toilet, then you may want to either repair it yourself or hire a local plumber. It will all depend on what is broken on your toilet and how handy you are with plumbing hand tools.

One of the most common problems with Kohler One Piece Toilets is that they clog easily if you use lots and lots of toilet paper. In fact in some cases a good meal at a fast food joint could make you wind up in the bathroom all night, using rolls and rolls of toilet paper to only clog the toilet.

So if you happen to clog the toilet you can either use a toilet auger or small snake to unclog the toilet. If after doing so you cannot repair the toilet yourself you should think about calling a local plumber or you could also try to troubleshoot the toilet yourself.

Kohler One Piece Toilet


  1. I have a 1 piece toliet, it’s looking water from tank but not into bowl. I used food color in tank to check for leak. Nothing, but after about 6 hours tank refilled. What’s up. I have replaced flush valve and flapper.

    • I have a Rialto, K-3386, a 1 piece Kohler toilet which has leaked for years. I have replaced the flapper and the flapper seat assembly on several occasions, but it continued to leak.

      My latest attempt, I turned the water supply off and allowed the tank to drain down to where I hoped it would reveal the leak level. And to my surprise the water stopped draining when the water level was well below the flapper and flapper seat. The water level was about 3/4″ below the seal, down on the face of the porcelain casting.

      After some investigating I narrowed it down to an inaccessible corner, only seen by taking a picture. Which appears to show the leak is at the juncture of the upper tank casting and the bowl casting.

      I have attempted multiple times to blindly spray a waterproofing back into the corner. Although I have slowed the leak, it continues to dribble into the bowl each time I turn the water on.

      Have you run into this problem with one piece toilets and specifically this Kohler Model?

  2. I cannot remove one of the flat head bolts to replace a damaged seat on my Kohler one piece toilet. I have sprayed the best penetrating oil I can buy and it has soaked for two weeks and have used the wider flat head screwdriver so as to not damage the bolt. It will not turn at all. Does this bolt screw into a threaded pocket or an anchor? Can I cut the flat head off without damaging the threads or if I cut it off is there a anchor sleeve or something to lift out? Please advise me on the proper procedure to replace this seat.

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