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Johnny Weissmuller Above Ground Swimming Pools


You may remember the name Johnny Weissmuller has a world-class swimmer or perhaps as Tarzan of the Jungle where he appeared in 19 movies. Johnny Weissmuller was first and foremost a world-class swimmer that had won 5 Olympic Gold Medals in Swimming as well as 52 National Championships and he set 76 World Records back in his day. So naturally there would be a swimming pool company named after the swimming legend. Just the Olympic swimmer, the Johnny Weissmuller Swimming Pools are quality and high performance.Johnny Weissmuller Above Ground Swimming Pools

The Johnny Weissmuller Above Ground Swimming Pools are made with the most durable parts and construction. There are 5 Johnny Weissmuller Above Ground Swimming Pools available. The Titan, the Sun Master, the Sahara Oval and the Sahara Round. The Titan offers the customer an extruded aluminum Stealth Support System that is one of the strongest in the industry. The Titan offers a 52″ wall height and a deluxe Coral Seal Liner. The Titan Above Ground Swimming Pool offers a heavy-duty extruded aluminum interlocking walls for extra strength and performance. The pool comes with a single piece of extruded aluminum for the anchor plate and a single piece for the bottom rail. The Stiffener and the Structural Uprights are all made from the extruded aluminum. The Coping is a 7″ Bullnose with a special slip resistance finish. The Titan is available in 3 different sizes the 24′ x 15′, 30′ x 15′ and the 33′ x 18′.

The Sun Master Above Ground Swimming Pool comes with a 52″ wall height and a Coral Sea liner. The Sun Master comes with the same heavy duty extruded aluminum interlocking walls as the Titan. But the Sun master comes with Straight Sides Support System and a 7″ Bullnose Coping. The Sun Master is available in 18′ , 24′, 27′ and 30′. The Sahara Round Above Ground Swimming Pool comes with Extruded Aluminum Top and Bottom Clips as well as Uprights. The Sahara Round comes with an aluminum coping cover and a liner receiver so the liner stays in place better. The Sahara Round comes with 52″ wall height and extra strong aluminum walls. This pool comes in 15′, 18′, 21′, 24′, 27′ and 30′.

The Sahara Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool comes with the same extruded aluminum parts as the Sahara Round but the support system is the Stealth Support System and the Extruded aluminum Stealth Support System. The pool comes with strong aluminum walls as well as aluminum coping covers and liner receivers. The Sahara Oval comes in sizes of 24 x 15, 30 x 15 and 33 x 18. The Johnny Wesimuller Above ground Swimming Pools are not for diving and can be customized with Grand Entrance Staircases, Sun deck, Pool Fence, Promenade Walk and even Underwater Lighting. The Johnny Weissmuller Inventory has some great above ground swimming pools; if you are thinking about that backyard investment this summer, start here at Johnny Weissmuller.


  1. I just emailed teddy bear pools for a few things for a 15×24 oval jw that we bought at the end of last summer, so I didn’t know what was rusted or missing.
    I need the buttress and plate I was able to attach the picture in the email. The silver plate is 42″ and the long side of the buttress is 44″. I think I also need a bottom rail, measuring from the outside curve, I have four 54 1/2 and nine 56 3/4 or so. All are curved. I wish I had a parts list and could tell what I need. I am guessing I need one 56 3/4 bottom rail.

  2. I have a Johnny Weismuller Aluminum pool bought off brother in law he used it 10 years we put it up and used it 20 years so 30 years total and its still standing and in use. Great pool!!! Teddy bear pools in Mass. sells them.

  3. I’m looking for the bottom rail for a Johnny Wisemuller 18×33 oval Purchased approx 2005. Any help in finding will be appreciated.My name is Gregg 314-497-3386, thank you in advance.

  4. Good afternoon,

    Hope all is well !

    I’m in need to replace my pool caps for an above ground, Johnny Weissmulller 24’ round pool.
    In my researching, your company came up as a supplier for this item below. 3602
    Could you let me know if you sell this item and if so, could you give me a call @ 717-805-0992 so I can place an order with you?
    I need 16 of them or whatever you have available.

    Warm Regards,
    Karen Lynn

  5. Good evening. I am looking for the top caps for my Johnny Weissmuller 18×33 oval pool. I just need 1! Please contact me with a price. Thanks!

  6. I’m interested in a second hand pool made by you how w hard will it be to put it up it’s a 24 round a
    With the fencing around it

  7. I am looking for a pool ladder replacement for a Johnny Weissmuller 27 ‘ round pool. Do you carry this item?
    Thank you

  8. looking for a 15×24 cant seem to locate we are in Long islandplease advise if you have this size

  9. I have a question.. I have a JW above ground 15×24 oval pool with the decking around the pool, it has a 12 ft deck at one end and 2 ft deck around the pool.
    My question is what size pool cover is best, I’m guessing a cover for an unground or rectangle cover but not sure how big since I have the deck at the end.
    Any one that has had this issue I would love the feedback.
    Thanks in advance

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  12. Had a Johnny Weissmuller poool for about 20 years. Its been great! But now after liner changes, deck builds and other stuff im missing a few of the top rail covers. Cant seem to find them anywhere or anything compatible. This gives me fear of letting my grandchildren in because whe aluminum top rails can be sharp where the are supposed to be covered. Any idea od where i can find a few? Any help is appreciated! Thanks

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