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Intermatic Pool Timer Troubleshooting & Repair Guide


If your Intermatic swimming pool timer has stopped working you will have to do something called troubleshooting. There are many reasons why your pool timer may not be working. You could be missing the timer pins, you could have a bad timer, you could have no power to the timer or maybe even the timer is set wrong and it really is working but your not seeing it.

So what you will need to do next is to troubleshoot your Intermatic timer with a few steps. Once you figure out what is wrong with the timer, you may be able to do the repair yourself or might have to hire an electrician to come and replace the timer for you. Intermatic Pool TimerThere are simply things you can do yourself like adjust the timer pins and set the clock on the timer. But of the timer itself is bad you will need a licensed electrician to change the timer for you. I mean you could go out and buy the timer for the electrician but you will need his experience to get it installed correctly. Okay, so let’s move on to the Intermatic Pool Timer troubleshooting and figure out why your timer is not working.

How To Make Sure The Intermatic Timer Is Operational & Working

If you are not sure if your timer is working or not you will first need to know if its even operational. You will first want to look at the pool timer and see if you have two timer pins. There should be an off pin and an on pin. If you have both pins take notice of there position and then come back in a few hours and see if they have changed from the spot they were in when you last looked. Its best to just write down the spots each timer is in, but remember that it’s a 24 hours cycle so you will need to come back within 24 hours to see if the pins moved.

If you have gone back after a few hours and the pins have moved that means you have electrical power to your timer and it is working. You most likely just need to now set the pins and the clock and your timer will work. See the next section in this article for that. If your timer pins have not moved that means there is no power to the timer or the timer has failed and need to be replaced or possible manual over ride switch for the timer is off. You will want to make sure the manual switch under the timer wheel is pushed to the on position. Another thing you will need to troubleshoot and check is the circuit breaker for your pool timer.

So what you will want to do now is to look for the circuit breaker panel and locate the circuit breaker for your Intermatic Pool Timer and then make sure it is set to the on position. Commonly, many pool owners will think there pool timer is broken and not working when all they had to to is turn the circuit breaker to the on position. But if your circuit breaker is in the on position and your pool timer clock is not rotating and the timer is not working then you will need to call a licensed electrician to replace the timer.

How To Adjust The Timer Wheel On Intermatic Pool Timers

If the power has gone out, your just opening your swimming pool for the season or some third reason, you may need to adjust the time on your Intermatic swimming pool timer. To adjust the time you will first want to look for the “time” bar that is mounted in the middle of the timer wheel. Then number(time of day) that you line up with the time marker will be the time that you are setting your timer to. So if you see the 10am behind the “time” marker, this means that the timer has the current time of 10am.
Intermatic Pool Timer Adjustment
If you need to set the time, you will need to take two fingers and slightly pull the wheel towards you and away from the back of the timer box. You will feel the wheel pull out about an 1/8″ of an inch and then you will be able to rotate the timer wheel. Just turn the timer wheel until the correct time of the day is aligned with the timer marker that is mounted in front of the wheel.

How To Set & Adjust The Intermatic Timer On & Off Pins

Once you have confirmed that you timer is working you will need to adjust the timer pins to reflect the time you want your filter system to turn on and off. You will first need to adjust the time on the timer first. Once you have the timer set to the correct time you then can loose the little hold down screw on both the timer on and timer off pins. You off course will want to adjust one time pin at a time.

Also be careful not to loosen the timer pins to much or they could fall off the timer wheel and onto the ground. If you loosen the hold down screw to much it could separate from the timer pin. So just turn the adjustment hold down screw on the timer pin counter clockwise about a full turn and then you will be able to slide the on or off pin to the right time on the timer wheel. Once you do some you will want to re-tighten the hold down screw on the timer pin so it stays in place.


  1. My clock seems to work but but the on and off switch does not turn on the pool pump. I am using the breaker to turn on and off the pool pump. I have Model T40004RTe.
    Any advice on how to fix. Thanks Reid

      • After a power failure the timer clock can start up backwards, mine has done this several times. I called Intermatic and there is nothing you can do except check it every time you have a power loss. I had to order new trippers as mine have been straightened too many times. I hope this helps

  2. My original timer worked for 5 years then the clock stopped and I heard no sound. Replaced complete new timer assuming 5 years perfect service probably wore it out. But my new timer will not work either. Clock not turning or making any sound. Manual switch works my aerator. No broken or loose wires visible. Any suggestions as to how to test clock feed?

    • You may need to adjust the meshing of the timer motor gear so it runs the clock. I bought a new motor for mine after 20 years and learned about this the hard way.

  3. how can I turn the time bar back down to the 6 o’clock point so my timer will turn the lights on some how it is in the 2 o’clock position an will not turn on automatically

  4. I have the Intermatic t104 DPST switch controlling my pool filter. The timer works fine but when the switch is tripped by either the on or off clips the timer stops. Still have power and can operate switch manually. How can I correct this.

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