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Donna Simpson Eating Website But What Toilet?


Donna Simpson is that lady from New Jersey who you have been hearing about all over the news as well as on the Colbert Report with Stephen Colbert. She currently weighs a remarkable 600+ lbs and is on mission to not only to be the fattest women in the world but to also be the first women not to fit on a toilet or a bidet! That’s right, this may not be something you may be thinking about when you are looking for the Donna Simpson eating website but its a true reality for sure. Some may find this a disturbing topic, but as plumbing is the health of the nation, we need to make sure that every citizen has the toilet that fits there every needs.

While I was watching this segment that Stephen was doing about cats using kitty litter made from corn, I started thinking about Donna Simpson and the previous segment and then all of a sudden I started to think, OMG! Donna Simpson Eating For WebsiteShe wants to gain another 400lbs to just beat a record, and then, it came to me. What toilet will be big enough to fit the 1000 lb Donna Simpson. Even a elongated handicap toilet might not be big enough. This could create a health problem for Donna. What will she do when she has to use the bathroom. In fact, do they even make diapers that big to fit her?
Kohler Toilet
This is not something that we all want to think about. in fact it is quite disgusting to think about but a reality is that not having a place to go to the bathroom can become a health hazard fast. Donna currently holds the title of world’s fattest mother. She eats over 12,000 calories a day. It has been reported that she says she loves to eat and its not hurting anyone.

So when she does reach her 100lb weight goal and gets the title she may have some issues redesigning her bathroom in the future. She could always then loose the weight and choose from a nice Kohler , Toto or American Standard toilet. Plus if she did loose all the weight after getting the title she probably would be a lot healthier as well.

So if there are any copycats out there they want to do the same thing as Donna Simpson and create a website just to set a record, you should really think what to think about the reality that you might not be able to fit all that extra junk in your trunk on your bowl. Also her grocery bills are like $750 a week!


  1. Well clearly she needs a check up from the neck-up.
    But here is a toilet just for her and others like her.
    Made by the Great John Toilet Company it will support up to 1 ton. (2,000 lbs.)

  2. This pig has survived the slaughter house for too long they should skin her alive and use it to cover the hole in the healthcare system then use her meat for starving animals. What kind of role model are you to your children and do the little guys have to wash you with a rag on a stick. what do you use for tampons brawny and a rope.Sick freak.

  3. Another SICK American———–I guess with so many people you have to have a few nutty ones but boy you guys are OVERACHEIVERS for sure!!

  4. WOW. Im 16 years old, Im loosing my home in ellet because we can no longer afford it, and this woman is getting 800 dollars a week for groceries!? She is the reason 11 year old girls develope Bulimia/Anorexia. !!!!
    How could someone WANT this, if your fat your fat and thats cool but setting a GOAL to be the biggest is just SICK.
    Maybe i should start a website to starve myself and get paid for that!!!! i could be the tiniest 16 year old in the world.

  5. Good Lord, why is it people have this inbuilt tendency to belittle OTHER people’s lifestyles?

    Whether you are fat thin short or tall, it makes no difference. What you are is what you are – and if you want to change your appearance then so be it, do it, its your choice. A lot of people may not agree with it, some may think its a bad example to set to youngsters if you deliberately change your appearance either cosmetically (boob jobs, nose jobs etc) or by losing OR gaining immense amounts of weight.

    Health factors in to so many lifestyles these days and yet everybody jumps on the health bandwagon when you talk about fat people. My grandmother spent most of her life very fat, dieted when it suited her but I can’t remember her ever being under 35 stone and yet she lived to be 93 with no health issues other than mild arthritis in her late 80’s. She was still able to walk right up to the day she died which was peacefully in her sleep and yet on the other hand my cousin’s life was cut short at 39. He was right on the money with weight, exercised every day, ate right and yet had a heart attack and died on the spot. Doctors could not work it out as he had regular cardio checks and everything had checked out fine a mere two weeks previously – so just because somebody is fat does not mean they are always going to have health issues.

    Perhaps Donna is going a little on the extreme side with wanting to get quite SO fat but still – to each their own, let sleeping dogs lie – or get fat. Not necessarily on this site, but I saw some comments on other forums that she is a BAD mum simply because she is so fat and wants to get a LOT fatter. Yeah well I don’t think how fat you are determines how good a parent you can be. There are plenty if not more irresponsible parents out there who are way less fat than Donna who need to take a step back before casting stones. Her family SUPPORTS her and that is what counts.

    Peronally I think Donna has a solid set of bronze ones standing on her mantelpiece for being so bold and coming out with this personal quest of hers. She must have been aware of the backlash she was going to get for promoting what is not a very commonly accepted fetish amongst the masses – eating for the love of getting stuffed / bloated / fatter. Feederism is what I believe its called. Although it is more widespread than you might think. If you Google, you will find PLENTY of fattening related websites.

    Just my 2 cents worth


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