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HVAC Direct Heat Pumps


HVAC Direct Heat Pumps offers a wide variety of heat pumps that would be perfect for your heating application. This company is one of the largest manufactures of products for residential homes as well as commercial applications.

With homeowners looking to save more money than ever before on their heating bills, it may be time to replace your old heat pump with a new Energy Star rated Heat Pump from HVAC Direct. When the company first started, the owner wanted to build a company based on what their customers need and what they can afford.

Some of the specifications of the HVAC Direct Heat Pumps are that they are all energy efficient, making them very cost effective to operate. Since we mentioned that these heat pumps are all Energy Star rated you can expect to see some savings after the first month of use. The heating and cooling capabilities on these can range from anywhere from 35,000 and higher depending on which model and which size heat pump you need. What also sets these heat pumps apart from other units is that these units are quiet.

They have a decibel level that can range anywhere from 75 to 75. The HVAC Direct Heat Pump is made energy efficient to save the consumer money. For example, on the residential units the SEER on these units can be 18 and the HSPF can be 9.5. The electrical requirements on the heat pumps are a standard 208/230 volts with a single phase with 60 Hz. The minimum circuit amp is about 23.6 and it has a maximum of 40 amps. On the HVAC Direct Heat Pumps they come equipped with a two stage Copeland Ultrachic Scroll Compressor, one of the best in the industry.

The compressor uses the industry’s required R-410A Chlorine Free refrigerant. The compressor is energy efficient but is also a high quality, high performance compressor that comes with a sound blanket to help keep the noise down. Some models offer a Copeland Comfort Alert Diagnostic System that is perfect for the homeowner. By using this system they can tell if and when the unit is experiencing any problems. Consider taking a look at the HVAC Direct Heat Pumps, you will find that they are unmatched in many areas such as in their warranty. The company offers a 10-year warranty on their equipment. If for example something isn’t working on their equipment they will replace that part at no charge. The warranty does have some restrictions such as that for residential homes the equipment must be installed in a single family home and the warranty can only be applied to the original purchaser of the equipment. There is no transfer of the warranty. In order for the warranty to be valid, you must register your product 60 days from the date of purchase.

The HVAC Direct Heat Pumps are the highest quality and highest performance equipment that the industry has to offer. Take a look and see what they have to offer, they have something for every house and every commercial application possible.


  1. pl. send details of different modules of hvac systems you have. for building air c ooling for domestic as well as commercial purpose.

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