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How to use a Camping Gas Stove


Whether you’re in the middle of nowhere, or simply on a campsite that does not allow traditional campfires, gas stoves are very convenient when camping. Thanks to all the modern technology gas stoves today are equipped with, they are light, compact and an essential camping item.

There’s no need to get stressed because you can’t start a fire, have no electricity or don’t know what to do; you can set up and use your gas stove with ease by following the 5 simple steps below.

Step 1 : Set the gas stove on a firm and flat surface, ideally an empty, level spot you’ve cleared on the ground. Make sure this area is also shielded from the wind, as you don’t want the flame to blow out.

Do not use gas stoves inside the tent or near anything flammable. Make sure it is a well-ventilated area as the gas fumes are dangerous in confined spaces.

Step 2 : Make sure that all the knobs are in the ‘off’ position before you start (you don’t want any explosions)!

 You will now need to add the gas. This is done in different ways depending on the individual gas stove, but in most cases you unscrew the fuel area with 1 or 2 knobs on either side of the stove.

When you screw the stove back together after adding the fuel, the gas canister will be pierced and from this point you will be able to control the flow of gas via the knobs on the stove.

Step 3: Next you will be able to light your stove. To do this, turn the knob allowing gas to come through. You will hear a hissing sound, which indicates the gas is coming out. (If you do not hear this the fuel cylinder may not be connected correctly so you may need to go back to step 2 again).

Light a match and hold it to the top of the stove where you will place your pan. The stove should then light and you can control the heat (whether there is a lot of fire or just a little) with the knob on the stove.

Step 4 : Place your pan on top of the stove and cook away! Remember that the stove isn’t as firm as the one you have at home, so you might want to hold on to the pan.

Make sure you never leave the stove unattended when it is lit. Fires spread very quickly, especially in dry woodland areas, and can be very dangerous.

Step 5 : Before packing away, it is vital that you ensure the stove is completely cooled down and all the knobs are in the ‘off’ position. As long as you ensure the knob is securely turned off, you can leave the gas canister in the stove ready for tomorrow!

These 5 simple steps aim to make it easy for you to use a gas stove while you’re camping. So what are you waiting for, try it out today!

An article by Natalie Moody, who enjoys camping and visiting Outdoor World Direct where Vango tents are cheap.


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