When the weather starts to get cold more and more people will begin to experience frozen plumbing pipes because of improper installation of the lines pipes or simply just because it was way to cold and preventive measure was not taken were it should have been to avoid this problem, and know you are here and want to know “how to unfreeze pipes”.How To Unfreeze Pipes

If you would like to know how to unfreeze pipes the you should first take a look at our Top Five Ways To UnFreeze Your Plumbing Pipes because that will give you some really effective ways to defrost your frozen plumbing. This guide will show you how to use everything from a portable space heater if your just an average homeowner that wants to do it themselves or if you are a professional plumber and want to use your B tank torch. Either way check out the guide and it is sure to give you some great tips.

In short there are a few things that we can tell you right now before you even get started unfreezing and thawing your pipes. If the pipe that is frozen is a water line you will want to shut the water source off now before the pipe winds up defrosting on its own and if it has damage from the freeze it will start to leak everywhere. This does not mean you have to shut your entire house or building down just locate what is frozen and then use the valve for that fixture or line.

For example, if the lines were frozen on your kitchen sink that was on the outside wall (which by the way is super common in many areas because the water lines were not insulated correctly) and you had a basement, you could go into the basement and shut the feed vales off that should be right under the kitchen. Most plumbers will install isolation valves in many areas of the house to make service calls easy.

Once you have located the water source you can use our handy guide that we mentioned about to unfreeze your pipes with regular household tools and supplies.

Also remember that if a drain line is frozen, you might not want to use that fixture until you unfreeze the actual waste line otherwise you could wind up with waste water or even possibly a sewage spill.