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How To Clean The Nozzle On A Oil Burner


There are several ways you can clean an oil burner nozzle but first you will have to remove the nozzle from the actual oil burner itself. The nozzle is located inside the blast tube and can be removed easily if you know what you are doing. Once you have successfully removed the oil burner nozzle you can clean it if its not totally destroyed. There are many different brands of oil burners, some of the top brands are Beckett and Carlin oil burners and chances are that you have one of these brands on your boiler or water heater. How To Clean The Nozzle On A Oil Burner

No matter what brand of oil burner you do have the good news is that you can clean the nozzle on all of them. It is always best just to replace the oil burner nozzle because they are actually only a few bucks and why should you go through all that work to clean the burner nozzle just to have it fail or clog up on you again. There off course is many reasons why you would want to clean the nozzle. For example if your oil burner is new but you had some junk in the oil tank and now you just want to clean the nozzle because you feel it is still brand new and could just use a cleaning rather then buying a new one. Well in fact it is still best to buy a new one anyhow. Just think your oil burner is worth thousands of dollars, is it really not worth spending under $10 not to just replace the nozzle? If your answer is yes and you still want to clean the nozzle then keep on reading.
Oil Burner Nozzle
The nozzle should have a screen on it that will be clogged and this is why its just best to get a new nozzle from the start because usually the screen and the complete nozzle will be all gunk ed up. If you really must save the nozzle read the next paragraph below. Once you have removed the oil burner nozzle from the oil burner gun you can get yourself a coffee can or some other type of metal container that you can put diesel or kerosene into. Now take that coffee can or metal bucket and fill it with a few inches of diesel fuel or kerosene and let it soak for a few minutes.

After the nozzle has soaked in the fuel for about 20 – 30 minutes you can remove the nozzle from the metal container and wipe it down with a rag. You might also want to blow the nozzle of with a bit of compressed air so you can remove any loose debris if there is any left. Once you have let the nozzle soak you will want to remove the small sintered filter in the end of the nozzle and then remove the brass screw pin to be able to make sure that the steel orifice disk is not clogged up as well. If everything now looks clean and OK you can re-install the nozzle. If you go though this whole process of cleaning the oil burner nozzle and you still have the same results chances are that the oil burner nozzle will simply have to be replaced because it is just to junked up with debris.


  1. I cannot agree anymore why waste the time in cleaning the nozzle. especially since it takes 20- 30 minutes to clean. Go to the local supply house and buy one they cost no more than 4 dollars.

  2. I agree that it is more effecient to replace the nozzle instead of cleaning it. However, it is good practice to know how to clean a nozzle. I’ll give you a case in point, on a few occassions the plumbing supply houses in my area were totally out of stock for the nozzle I needed. To make a long story short, I had to wait almost a whole week !! Now supposing that scenerio were to play out in the freezing cold winter, whereby, a nozzle simply clogs up because of sludge. Then, what do you do if the supplier is out of stock, freeze you butt off with no heat untill they get one for you? Of course not!! You would have no choice but to clean it.

    The procedure shown above is clear up to the point of soaking in diesel or kerosene. The part that is unclear is that you do not say how to remove the sintered filter at the end of the nozzle !!

  3. I always replace the nozzle and tank and air filters each year. I have in the past taken the nozzle apart for cleaning; the filter on the end unscrews and then there another unit that takes a flathead screwdriver to remove it from the nozzle body. The instructions given above work well if a replacement is not available right away. My CARRIER furnace uses a nozzle not all that common/popular so I purchase at least 2 at a time.

  4. I have an oil burner that is less than 2 years old. I keep needing to “restart” it the last couple of weeks. I am getting a new oil delivery this week that I hope will remedy any chance of “dirty” oil in the tank. This is the 3rd time that this has happened (the need to reset unit) Everytime the HVAC man comes over he replaces the nozzle and says it must have been a batch of “bad oil” However, I am beginning to doubt this is the reason for the frequent occurrances. Is there a simple way that I could replace the nozzle myself? How do I know what size nozzle is on it? Getting tired of the $200+ service calls. Additionally I noticed a small sprinkling of soot on the floor today beneath the exhaust pipe… I had my chimney lined last year, does it need yearly cleaning for an oil burner?
    Many thanks

    • Go to your auto parts store.ask for a product called diesel kleen in silver/grey bottle.get 2 then dump it in your oil to do just before refill so it mixes well.or check amazon for FPPF heating oil treatment.I dumped 2 of each of the mentioned above in my tank.and wahlah….problems solved.don’t take my word for this try it for yourself.

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