If you own a set of above ground swimming pool steps and they need to be cleaned because they are covered with green algae or possibly even dirt, then you will need to grab the garden hose and get ready for about an hours worth of work, but at the end you will have some clean pool steps.

Removing The Drop-in Steps From The Pool

Green Above Ground Pool Steps
Depending on what brand of drop in steps you have in your pool will determine how you remove the steps but most steps can be removed in a similar way. The first thing you will want to do is to disconnect the handrail from the pool decking. Once the handrail is removed, you then will need to check to see if you have sand bags holding down the pool steps. If you do have sand bags under the drop in steps to hold them into place, you will have to get into the pool or ask someone to go into your pool and slide the sandbags out from under the steps. If the pool water is green you may want to wait till it clears up before entering the pool to remove the sandbags.

Washing & Cleaning The Algae Off The Pool Steps

Clean Above Ground Pool Steps
Once you have removed the steps from the pool you will need some water and some type of cleaning product. Before you use any cleaning products on the pool steps you will first want to wash all of the excess algae off with a garden hose with a sprayer nozzle. Most of the time 90% of the algae will be able to be washed off with just water. Although there is going to be spots of algae that will not wash off so easily so you will need to use a mild cleaner. Softscrub works well to wash stubborn algae stains from the pool steps. Make sure you use a rag and make sure to remove all of the algae from the pool steps so when its time to drop the steps back into the pool you can rest assured that all of the green algae has been washed off completely.

Re-installing The Steps Into The Pool

Once you have fully cleaned all the green algae from the pool steps with water and some cleaner you will want to make sure that you washed all of the spots. Do a once over and make sure you got the bottom of the steps and all the little tough spots. Making sure you got all of the spots will help the pool stay blue. There is nothing like adding green algae back into the pool.

You now can reinstall the above ground drop in steps the same way you removed them. If the pool steps were out of the pool when you started cleaning them, you will need to most likely weight them down with sand bags and then tighten the railing bolts to the deck surface so the steps do not move when in use.