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Above Ground Pool Opening Tips & Tricks


When you get ready open your above ground swimming pool there are a few things that you may want to know to ensure that you have a wonderful and blue swimming pool throughout the summer season.

Remove The Dirty Pool Water & Debris From The Cover

Before removing the pool cover you will want to make sure that you remove all the water and the leaves. You can drain the water from the pool cover in a number of ways. The easiest way to remove the water from the top of your above ground pool is to use something called a swimming pool cover pump. You will also want to remove the leaves, sticks and other debris from the pool cover as well. You can do this with a pool skimmer net. You will want to take the pool skimmer net and scoop everything from the pool cover while the water is draining if possible. If not, you should drain the pool cover and then remove the debris.

Clean Out The Filter, Replace The Sand / Cartridge

Joseph Shocking Pool
Even though you might have cleaned the pool filter last year you will want to make sure that it is totally clean before you start the filter system this year. If you have a D.E. filter you will want to make sure you open it up and wash the grids or fingers inside of the filter housing. If you have a sand filter you will want to replace the sand if it has not been changed in a season or two. If you have a cartridge filter you will want to replace the cartridge if it shows age or if it is worn.

Have The Start-up Chemicals Ready

If you know when you will be opening your above ground swimming pool you will want to make sure you have an ample supply of start up pool opening chemicals. Once you take the cover off, you will want to treat the water right away. Most of time you will need pool shock, Alk and PH to start the pool. You also will need pool chlorine tablets to maintain the chlorine level in the pool once the swimming pool shock level has dropped.

Check For System Leaks & Pool Repair

Once you have set up the filter system and primed the pool pump you will want to let the filter run for a few minutes. Once the filter system has reached its full prime you will want to start checking for any suction leaks or pressure drips. You will want to take care of any leaking hoses or pipes at this time. If your pump seems like it is sucking air you will also want to figure out where it is being sucked in and repair the problem.

Set Time Aside Each Week To Care For The Pool

Now that the pool is all running and ready to go you want to make sure that you set a few hours a week aside to make sure you can take care of the swimming pool. You will want to check the water chemistry in your above ground pool a few times a week. You will also want to skim the water and empty the skimmer baskets as they fill up. You will also want to vacuum your pool at least once a week to remove any algae or debris that maybe growing on the pool walls or floor.


  1. Hello I just bought an above ground pool. What chemicals do I need to put in the water at first? Thanks

  2. I have a above ground pool(12×39) with 2000 gals of water How much chemicals do I use to get the results I need for a safe and clean pool?

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