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How I (Arlene) Made my Fixtures Last Longer


WeT HeaD KnowledgeAre your fixtures prematurely wearing out? Your designer faucets, your water heater, or your shower valve? Would you like to make them last longer and wear better getting the most for your money and their keeping their value? Do you know your water pressure? You might want to or maybe, you should because it effects your fixtures life expectancies.  It should be between 50 to 70 lbs PSI, with the average being 60 to 65 lbs. Many people have where their water comes into the house a pressure reducing valve what plumbers call a PRV. 

An easy way to test for water pressure  is to buy an inexpensive gauge at a big box store for under ten dollars. It simply attaches to an outdoor hose bib or to a garden hose; and, by turning the water on it will tell you what your water pressure is at.

If is is over 80 lbs PSI you most likely have a failed pressure reducing valve and this will need to be replaced and an expansion tank installed, if you do not already, have one.  In many older homes the expansion tanks were neglectfully not indicated on the installation.  Usually, the newer homes of today already are equipped with an expansion tank; and some townships & cities are now requiring upon  installation of a water heater, inclusion of an expansion tank to meet with the newer building codes. 

A Master Plumber’s cost for installation of a new pressure reducing valve and an expansion tank might be somewhere around 500 dollars.


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