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How To Fix A Cracked Pool Filter


WeT HeaD KnowledgeHello all you “do- it – yourselfers”, I would like to explain to all of you how I (Amanda) fixed a pool filter crack. A pool filter functions in a pool the same way the liver functions in the human body. Just as a liver filters out toxins in the human body, a pool filter keeps a pool clean and balanced. Without a properly working pool filter you are putting yourself at risk for bacterial problems, which could be a big health concern. If your pool filter is broken you will most likely notice that it is leaking water down the side. Another symptom is if your pool is losing water at a rapid rate. If your pool filter is cracked you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a new filter. You can easily fix the crack using epoxy, which you can find at any local hardware store. The following paragraphs will detail how to fix a pool filter crack step by step.

Before you do anything, always make sure that you are keeping safety in mind. Disable any circuit breakers connected to the pool filter and unplug the electrical cord before you do any work on the pool filter. Shut off the water valve located on the pool skimmer and then shut off the valve on the pool filter as well. If you are unsure where the valves are then you should look at the diagram in your pool filter manual. Next, drain all of the water out of the pool filter by opening up the waste line. Before you put the epoxy on the pool filter you need to make sure that there is no moisture in or on the outside of the pool filter. Use a towel and completely dry the inside and outside of the pool filter.

Take the epoxy and put it on the inside and the outside of the crack on the pool filter tank. Make sure you use plenty of epoxy so that the seal is firm. Let the pool filter sit for 2 days so the epoxy can dry completely and create a solid seal. After the 2 days is up you will need to test to see if the crack is fixed. You can do this by filling the pool filter tank with water and watching to see if any of the water leaks out. If the pool filter is still leaking completely dry the inside and outside of the pool filter again and apply more epoxy to the inside and outside of the crack. Let it sit for another 2 days and then test the pool filter again. When the crack on the pool filter no longer leaking open up the valves on the pool filter and the pool skimmer. Finally close the waste line on the pool filter so that you aren’t losing any water and place the pool filter back into its original position.

Now that you have fixed your pool filter crack you will be amazed by the fact that you are using a lot less water to keep your swimming pool running. Doing routine inspections of your pool equipment might help you to spot problems before they worsen. In the long run this can help you save money by repairing problems before they become too large.


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