I have a Hayward sand filter. After changing a spring in the handle, it doesn’t seem to be filtering the water but just circulating it. How do I check to see? Could something have been put back together incorrectly or need replacing. ~CathyHayward Sand Filter Multiport Spring Handle Replacement


Hi Cathy,

Yes, when you removed the top part of the multiport to change the spring you have to be very careful that you set he multiport back in the right position that it was removed. What I usually do is mark the outside of the multiport body.

What could be happening is that when you put it back together you didn’t match up the ports correctly and now when its on filter its actually on recirculate etc.

Another thing to check for is the spider gasket that is inside of the multiport. If this is work or in bad shape that could also cause the problem your having.

I would first make sure that you have the top of the multiport placed in correctly.

Please let me know if you have any more questions and if you do just leave them in the comments are a below and I will be more then glad to help you further.