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Hayward Power-Flo Hook Up Via Inground


Usually you see the Hayward Power Flow swimming pool pump on above ground pools. On this one pool we were opening they had a power flow as you can see here in the picture. The pool skimmer was only a few feet away so it was pretty easy for the pump to draw suction from the skimmer. If the skimmer was further away a Hayward Super Pump would be a better choice.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 1
Parts Are Usually Stored Inside The Pool Pump Basket

Once you locate the parts to the filter system you can start assembling what was taken apart on the closing. You can see in the picture below that the drain plugs on the Hayward Power Flo were removed during the winter, you will want to screw those back into the pump and make sure that they are tight.

Screwing in the drain plug
Screwing In The Power Flo Drain

Once you screw in the drain plugs into the pool pump as you saw we did above you will want to locate where the pump attaches to the swimming pool filter plumbing. You can do this by matching the union fittings on the swimming pool plumbing  with the pipe fittings on the pump.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 3
Hooking Up The Power Flo Pump

Now, before you put the pump into place you will want to hook the drain plug onto the filter tank first, that way you are not working on top of the pump when its installed. Its way easier to put the drain plug on now, Vs having the pump in that spot. So you can see here that the pump is not installed yet and the drain plug is going on.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 5
Screwing In The Drain Filter Plug

Once the drain plug is screwed on to the filter tank and is tight you will want to grab the pump and put it into place and make sure that the fittings on the suction and the discharge side of the pump match up with the swimming pool plumbing.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 7
Getting Ready To Place The Pump Into Position

Here you can see the Hayward Power Flo pump in place and being hooked up. Notice at this time the suction intake valve is still also in the closed position. You will need to open this valve before you can run the filter system. The suction side and the discharge side of the pump must be hooked up to the filter system plumbing.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 8
Pump Placed And Ready To Be Hooked Up

Now that the filter drain plug has been installed and the pump is on place with the suction side and the discharge side hooked up it was time to hook up the Hayward Inline Chlorinator.  There is an arrow on the side of the chlorine feeder that shows the direction of flow. You have to make sure when you install the inline Hayward Chlorine Feeder that you have the direction of flow pointing the right way.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 10
Make Sure You Know The Direction Of Flow

Once you figure out your direction of flow you can set the inline chlorine feeder into place and start to tighten the unions on both sides.  Make sure that you also install the o-rings before tightening the union collars. If the Chlorinator o-rings are dry or cracked they should be replaced otherwise they will just leak when the filter system is running.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 11
Tighten Down The Union Nuts After Installing O Ring

Once the chlorine feeder is in place and tighten up you will want to make sure all the other unions are tight so when you start the filter system you will have no surprise leaks.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 14
Make Sure To Tighten All The Plumbing Unions

Now you can open the three way direction valve in front of the pump. Set this to skimmer to initially start up the swimming pool.Once the pool system is running and primed you can set this to 1/2 and 1/2 or main drain if you want to.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 15
Open The 3 Way Suction Valve

So now that the valve is open, you can make sure you have enough water in the pool like we did and then prime the pump by filling it with a bucket full of water and away you go. Your swimming pool filter system should start right up just like this one did for us.

Hooking Up Hayward Power-Flo Step 16

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