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Fish N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium


Fish N Flush Toilet Tank AquariumThe Fish N Flush is a two-piece aquarium toilet tank. Yes, we said aquarium toilet tanks. This style is called Fish N Flush and it is designed to fit most two piece toilets. It can turn your stuffy bathroom into a fun place to be.  The reason why homeowners are choosing this style of toilet systems is that they save space, they can entertain children while they are potty training and they offer some excitement to your bathroom.

If you want to be one of those homeowners who have conservation pieces in your home then the Fish N Flush is just what you need. The toilet tank does not come with the fish, but you can find the fish in your local pet stores or pet sections of your local Walmart Stores. You can add plants and other aquarium accessories to your Fish N Flush Bathroom System.

Let’s take a look at the complete system and see how the system works, what you get when you purchase a Fish N Flush System and how to set up your new Fish N Flush Toilet System.

The Fish N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium Kit

The Fish N Flush Toilet Tank comes with a complete kit designed with everything you need to get started.  This is not one of those cheaply made novelty aquariums. Every component that comes with the Flush N Flush is made from high quality parts. Each and every part that comes with the Fish N Flush is chosen because of their high performance as well as reputation and their ability to make the Fish N Flush Toilet Tank work perfectly.

These toilets use very low voltage so they won’t drive up your electric bills. You will have hours and hours of fun just watching these fish. The Fish N Flush Aquarium Kit comes with a Two Piece Aquarium Tank, a Dual Filter System with Pump, Two Nine Inch Artificial Plants and an Aquarium Guide.

You will also get the complete flushing system, a flush valve and a fill valve. This two-piece toilet will fit the two-bolt tank to bowl installation ands a two-inch flush valve, bottom mounted and fill valve inlet. The Fish N Flush measures in ay 19.5 inch in length x 8.5 inches in width x 13.75 inches in height.

Fish N Flush Toilet Tank Aquarium

How Does Fish N Flush Work?

The Fish N Flush Aquarium doesn’t really have any special needs. You can use either fresh water or salt water with this two-piece toilet system. The tank can hold 2.2 gallons of water. You can place almost any accessories into the tank but live coral is not recommended.  This system has a 2-filter system that makes it safe for young children to use.

There are 2 nine-inch plastic plants for color and it comes with a fill valve and a complete flushing system. The only items you need to provide are the fish, water and the food; Fish N Flush takes care of the rest. The tanks are made with acrylic and they are 100% fully functional. They are resistant to impact and they are even stronger than porcelain toilet tanks too.

Before you wonder if you flush the fish when you flush the toilet, don’t panic, there is still the original tank that comes with the toilet that will flush the toilet. The Fish N Flush is a functioning aquarium that is for show only.

Fish N Flush Aquarium Setup Instructions

Installing this aquarium is going to depend on many things such as if you have a light or dark bathroom. If your bathroom stays at less than 68 degrees you may have to consider different fish. Find out the temperature of the bathroom and consult the pet store and find out which fish will survive best in your bathroom environment.

Before installing the aquarium, it is best to wash the tank with soapy water before setting it up. There is no need to scrub it juts a gentle rinse. The main purpose of doing this is to get rid of any excess packaging or stickers that came with the aquarium. You may notice some scratches on the tank but once you fill the tank with water they will disappear.

You will be responsible for three different types of cleaning, you will have to vacuum the gravel, get rid of all the algae and changing the water every month. The company recommends that you use distilled water for your aquarium. There is a basic manual that comes with the Aquarium, make sure that you read the manual carefully before attempting to set up. The set up is simple, just follow the instructions and before you know it you will have a functioning Fish N Flush.

The Fish N Flush is one of the most fun bathroom pieces that you find. If you want to entertain or if you have children then this is a must have. The toilet works like a regular toilet and you won’t be flushing any fish.  The Complete Fish N Flush Aquarium comes with the Two Piece aquarium Tank, Basic Aquarium Guide and a Flushing System. The Fish N Flush Aquarium with LED Lighting Systems costs about $ 224.00 and without the LED Lighting System will cost $ 199.00.

You can only find this one of a kind two piece Fish N Flush Aquarium online at the Fish N Flush website and on other websites but if you shop on a website other than the Fish N Flush, you are going to pay more money. Fish N Flush is the home of the Fish N Flush Aquarium. You will find everything you need here and more.


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