WeT HeaD KnowledgeFluidMaster Refill Tube and Clip Part Number 218 is the refill tubing for the FluidMaster 100, 200, 200A and the 400A Fill Valves. Often times we don’t need to replace the entire fill valve but the tubing and unlike other parts you can find the tubing sold separately. The installation on this is easier than you could imagine. It would be great to be able to save money on the tubing and not having to hire a plumber to get you the parts.

Replacing the FluidMaster Refill Tube & Clip is simple; you start with making sure that you turn off the water supply. Then flush the toilet to make sure that you get rid of any excess water. Then you will need to attach one end of the refill tube to angle the adapter and the other end to the nipple on the top of the 400A Fill Valve or on the bottom of the 100/200A Fill Valves. Then you will fix the angle adapter to the overflow pip. Then trim the tubing as necessary to stop any kinking of the tube. Then turn on the water supply and you are ready to test the valve.

If these directions seem hard, with every refill tube and clip you will find these directions plus a visual guide on replacement for the 400A Fill Valve and the 100/200A Fill Valve. Make sure that you read any warnings or notes on the installation guide. By doing these repairs they will save you money on the parts and on installation. Imagine how much money it would cost you if you had to hire a plumber?