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Energy Logic EL-140H Waste Oil Heater


The Energy Logic EL-140H Waste Oil Heater is one of the premier products from the Energy Logic Company. Waste Oil Heaters are quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of heating a residential home or small office building. These units are cost effective and very efficient. The El-140H can be used with different fuels such as Crankcase Oil, ATF, Hydraulic Fluid, Number 2 Fuel Oil and even Diesel Fuel. No other heater will use any or all of the fuels for one heater.Energy Logic EL-140H Waste Oil Heater

The EL-140 Waste Oil Heater has the heating capacity of 142,000 Btu’s or 41.6 kW per hour, this is a very strong heater that can provide this kind of Btu’s. The EL-140H can heat up to 3500 square feet. The amount of fuel that is used per hour is an impressive 1.0-gallon. This unit will save you money on fuel as well as on electricity. The airflow of the heater is about 1000 cfm’s. The warm air outlet dimensions are 12″ width by 12″ height. The unit has a ductile dual outlets and the unit can be installed on the left side, right side or both sides.
Energy Logic EL-140H Waste Oil Heater
The EL-140H is a compact unit. The unit is itself is measured at 18″ in Height x 18″ of Width. This includes the cabinet with both the blower and the burner. It also includes a 250-gallon workbench with tank. The electrical requirements on the Waste Oil Heater are 115 Vac, 60 Hz and 25 amps that has a dedicated circuit. The heater offers a warm air temperature rising of 100-120 degrees Fahrenheit. The Primary Heat Exchanger of the Waste Oil Heater is an 18-gauge high temperature stainless steel. It also has a corrosion proof shell that protects the heater. It has a temperature of 1500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Fuel Tank is a standard tank with a single wall and a 250-gallon workbench. The Optional Tank has a double wall workbench available. Some of the standard features on the EL-140H are the Integrated Air Compressor, a Barometric Damper, a Draft Gauge and a Squirrel Cage Blower. The components on this Waste Oil Heater are all made from quality parts. The EL-140H also offers some optional features. These come separately and are not necessary but if you want to make your heating system more efficient then you can choose one or all of the following , dual warm air outlet louvers this will direct the hot air to where it is needed. There are also different size fuel tanks available.

The Waste Oil Heater may be different then what you are used to reading about. But these units are cost effective and energy efficient. They provide the home or commercial building with the best division of heat than most systems. There are no cold spots and you get reliable and dependable heat every time. You can shop around for the perfect oil heater, but Energy Logic has some impressive models to choose from. They offer energy efficient products that are designed to save you money. With the cold winter quickly approaching, you want to make sure that the home or office is well heated. You will see the savings in the first month of the system’s operation.


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