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Carrier Performance 93 Gas Furnace


One of Carrier’s premier furnaces is the Performance 93 Gas furnace. This high efficiency furnace was designed to help keep the heating bills down in the winter but provide the maximum operation that any furnace can offer. The Performance 93 Gas Furnace has an Energy Star Rating of 93% AFUE. The heating capacity of the Performance 93 is 38,000 Btu’s and 128,000 Btu’s. It includes a 5-year warranty on all parts and a 20-year warranty on the SuperS Heat Exchanger.Carrier Performance 93 Gas Furnace

Some of the standard features that come with the Performance 93 Gas Furnace is the Two Stage Blower Motor, the furnace is equipped with a low speed continuous fan speed that is available on the furnace controls panel. The motor uses a two-stage control that uses the low heat speed while other motor control use theirs as a separate rely for the constantly running fan. The furnace is made with galvanized steel and a baked on urethane base coat.
Carrier Performance 93 Gas Furnace
This material is used to protect the outside of the furnace from rust and corrosion and the coating inside will protect from heat loss ensuring the efficiency of the furnace. The fuel application for this unit is Natural Gas, which can be converted to Liquid Propane. If you are trying to save money, use Natural Gas.

There are 4 different models of the Performance 93 Gas Furnace. The models range in Standard, Deluxe, Two-Stage and Variable Speed. On these models you will get an Air Cleaner. The Air Cleaner will improve air quality by filtering the dust particles and allergens that are often produced in our heating system. The standard model comes with Adjustable Blower Off Delay, EAC Terminals and a Humidifier Terminal. Also included with a Performance 93 Gas Furnace is the ComfortFan Technology, a Sealed Combustion System, Pilot Free Power Heat Ignition System.

The Performance 93 comes with an Intelligent Heat Staging System. This heating system will let you use a two-stage furnace when only a single stage thermostat control option is available. If you want the maximum performance of the furnace then use the Thermidistat (it comes with the furnace) for two stage furnaces. The Performance 93 comes with a 93% high efficiency air filtration cabinet and a QuieTech noise reduction system. There are many furnace companies out there that claim to be the best and have the best products. Often these companies go out of business almost as soon as they start.

If you are looking for a reputable company with high quality products then Carrier is the company for you. If the Performance 93 Gas Furnace is not for you there are plenty of other great Carrier Furnaces to choose from. Contact your Carrier representative and ask them about the Performance 93 Gas Furnace. You will be impressed at what this furnace can do for you and how much money you will save when you install one. Make sure that you take care of the furnace make sure that you schedule maintenance twice a year.


  1. I had my Carrier Performance 93 installed in July 2008. The first winter the electronic controls had a problem, which continues to this day. I do not experience this with the AC, although to note the AC was used very infrequently. The problem: the system runs, however periodically, about 30% of the time, after it turns off (after reaching the thermostat temperature setting) the unit does not come back on again, which requires that I power down, power on the unit to reset.

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