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EdgeStar 65lb. Capacity Full Size Ice Maker Model IB650SS


Have you ever experienced a time when you were throwing a birthday party outside in the yard or perhaps a BBQ and found yourself having to go to the gas stations for several trips of ice? Large quantities of ice come in handy for various reasons including stocking up a cooler for a fun day at the beach or a picnic in the park, where certain food needs to remain cold. Some might want to go fishing and need a quantity of ice to keep the fish cold as they catch them or still others may have guests over frequently and want to chill a nice homemade glass of lemonade or a nice batch of sweet tea. The point is that ice can always come in handy in various situations and we always seem to not have enough, or are inconvenienced by having to leave our homes, dealing with ice bags, or forgetting about ice all together. The Edge Star Automatic Ice Maker is the answer to provide huge quantities of ice that is accessible right from the home.

            The EdgeStar IB650SS model is a freestanding automatic ice machine that holds 24lbs of ice, creates 65 pounds of ice daily (if desired) and is perfect for the summer months. The appliance is stainless steel with a black lid that offers a modern look, so that it may be placed in a kitchen or elsewhere in the home without looking out-of-place. Features of the model include: adjustable legs, so the appliance may be balanced on a rough surfaced, or a change of height and a front ventilation system, so the model may be placed against a wall. One of the best features is that the ice machine is portable and can be taken to other places and places anywhere that has a water supply and drain.

With a user-friendly installation, the icemaker may be placed under a sink, in a cabinet, on a counter, or anywhere else that fits the dimensions of the appliance. The icemaker stands at 33”, has a width of 16 ½” and a depth of 22”. It creates bullet shaped ice, which is adjustable in size, there is an LED control panel with various operating models, and a temperature sensor to stop or turn on the motor to save on energy and wear and tear. The entire unit weighs 91lbs without ice and may be used as a freestanding or built-in unit.

So, if you are tired of having to run to the gas station or grocery store every time you need a large quantity of ice, you may want to look into purchasing an investment into the EdgeStar 65lb. Automatic Ice Maker, which will surely aid in summer festivities, and keep coolers full of nice fresh ice. Speaking of fresh, AquaPure In-Line Icemaker and Water Filter (AP717), also is helpful with this product for great tasting water by filtering tap water and reducing buildups of lime within the unit to improve the longevity of the appliance. With the EdgeStar Ice Maker, you will be able to keep your coolers full and cool, save time and money from having to run to the gas station, and filter your ice to keep your freshly squeezed lemonade and your sweet tea fresh with the best quality.

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