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Carrier’s Infinity Series Central Air Conditioner Reviews


Single speed central air conditioning systems were wonderful – years ago. They kept us cool but not always comfortable.

Today, Carrier’s Infinity air conditioner’s two-stage scroll compressor runs on low-stage up to 80% of the time, maintaining consistent and quiet comfort, while its Ideal Humidity System takes comfort to a new level. You feel cooler at higher temperatures.

Carrier gives you an air conditioning system with proven high efficiency and with SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratios) up to 21.

Replacing an older central air conditioning system

If your central air system has been around for about 15 years, you may want to think about replacing it with a new, high-efficiency system. Here’s why:

  1. – The refrigerant, Freon, which has long been used is being phased out. After current supplies are gone, it will no longer be available. Puron, Carrier’s widely used replacement, is eco-friendly.
  2. – Carrier’s variable speed fan system reduces energy use, eliminating drafts and providing an even airflow that avoids the cold and warm feeling created by older systems. There’s no bothersome “rush of air” when the system is on.
  3. – New systems offer much-improved dehumidification with Variable Speed technology. With the system running at the lowest speed 90% of the time there’s up to 30% more dehumidification.

High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Manufactured for Better Home Comfort

Company reported that this Infinity Series central A/C unit was designed to be the best energy-efficient product on the market, with proven tested records of ARI cost standards.

Silencer System II™ was developed by the company for quiet operation, thus providing the noise level measuring as low as 65 Decibels, with superior humidity and temperature control on the system panel.

Its two-stage operation offer many satisfied customers for ultimate comfort when operating the unit, and there is a 10-year parts limited warranty for those who properly registered when purchasing the items.

While that’s remarkable, your Carrier system also comes with rebates up to $1,000. In New England area, there are also other rebates up to $500 offered by local utility companies.

Cooling Your Home with Unit and Maintenance Schedule

Make sure to set the System or Mode control for cooling when you desire to cool the area. And then you can adjust the temperature control to the degree of your need. If you want a continuous run status, you can do it by setting the Fan control to ON, otherwise set it to Automatic and it will go on and off as the cooling is needed.

The A/C unit will run as long as necessary to keep the indoor temperature as per your preset degree on the thermostat. On extremely hot days, it will often run for longer period of time and it is normal. Other times include using additional electric appliances, lights or laundry usage when it happens.

You don’t have to be an expert when it comes to the maintenance of this unit. A very simple and routine maintenance schedule such as filter cleaning replacement will keep the system clean and operating economically.

Also if your unit is outdoor model, do not attempt to operate when the temperatures are below 55°F as it will cause additional problems.


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