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Best Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Trees Under $100


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Christmas Season is coming up fast and the search will be on for a new Christmas Tree. With the recession affecting all of us, wouldn’t it be great to get a great deal on all of our Christmas necessities. If this is the year that you need to replace that old tree or maybe you want to switch from a real tree to an artificial tree or you just want to save money this year, there is hope. There are plenty of Artificial Pre-Lit Christmas Trees out there for under $100.00. You can save money by purchasing a new tree and lights all for under $100.00.

There are so many different Christmas Trees out there and though there may be plenty for under $100 you still want to get a tree that is high quality and one that will last you many years to come. We will show you 3 different artificial pre-lit trees that are high quality and make it worth every penny that you spend. Christmas is all about family getting together to decorate the tree so why not have a nice holiday tree to kick off the holiday season. The Holiday Time 7′ Pre-Lit Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree would be a great addition to your home during the holidays. This Christmas Tree is an indoor tree that stands 7 feet tall and is 50 inches in width. This tree has 823 tips that allows for more decoration. This tree comes with 650 clear mini light bulbs and against the green of the tree will make the lights stand out more. This Holiday Time 7′ Pre-Lit Douglas Fir Artificial Christmas Tree is model number 96634 and it comes in 3 easy to assemble section.

This Christmas Tree comes with a durable metal stand, spare mini bulbs and fuses. This will save you time and money if a bulb happens to go out. There are no tools required with this installation. The manufacturer does suggest that using a minimum of 90 ornaments to decorate the tree to its fullest. They also suggest that using a minimum of 36 feet of garland to decorate. If you don’t like clear lights this tree is available in multi colored lights too. What better way to start off the holiday season than by choosing a great Christmas Tree under $ 100.00. Every consumer who has purchased this tree a couple of years ago is still using it today. How can you go wrong with a great tree at a great price? You can find this tree for $ 88.00 at your local Wal-Mart store.

This beautiful Christmas Tree by Home Accents is 7-1/2 feet tall and it is a Wesley Pine with 700 multi color lights. This tree would kick off a great holiday season. This tree measures in at 53 inches in diameter and weighs about 20.98 pounds. This huge tree has 1400 tips, perfect for those families who have a lot of decorations and ornaments. This Christmas Tree offers a 2-year warranty. Home Accents Holiday 7-1/2 Ft Pre-Lit Wesley Pine with Multi Color Lights is one of the best trees under $100.00. This tree is easy to assemble; it has numbered tags that allow you to set up your new tree in minutes. Simply secure the sections of the tree and connect the color-coded plugs for the lights. This colorful tree is model number WEST1400700MTSE and the online catalog number is 100641342.

You can find the Home Accents Holiday Tree can be found at your local Home Depot Location. To find out if your local Home Depot has this tree in stock, check out the Home Depot website and enter in your zip code and you can find out in seconds if this tree is available in your local Home Depot. The Home Accents Holiday 7-1/2′ Pre-Lit Wesley Pine costs about $99.00. This realistic looking Christmas Tree can truly make your Christmas complete. The Holiday Living 6-1/2′ Bridgton Pre-Lit Christmas Tree from Lowe’s is a great way to get a realistic Christmas Tree while saving money and time. With real trees you have to find the right size tree and hope that someone doesn’t buy the one you want. When you purchase an Artificial Pre-Lit Tree, there is no trimming the tree, no needles to clean up and the tree size is proportionate so it won’t topple over. Buy having a pre-lit tree there are no light strands to untangle.

The Holiday Living 6-1/2′ Bridgton Pre-Lit Christmas Tree offers a nice 6-1/2 foot brightly lit Christmas Tree complete with 400 clear lights. This tree has 794 tips, leaving enough room for all of the family ornaments and even some new ones. This tree is easy to assemble and the branches are all hinged to the tree pole for easy assembly and easy storage. This tree is meant for indoor decoration only. The tree is 3.91 feet in diameter so it will fit nicely in any corner or in front of any window. This tree is model W14F0097 and it can be found in any local Lowe’s Home Improvement Stores. You will get a great deal on this Christmas Tree, the price is $98.00. Saving money on a Christmas Tree will help you put the savings towards more Christmas ornaments.

Everyone this holiday season is going to be looking for some great Christmas Tree deals. These are the best artificial pre-lit Christmas Trees under $ 100 that you will find. They are high quality and they will last you many years to come. Stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s and Walmart have some of the best trees at Christmas time because they have their customers best interest at heart. They want their customers to have the very best and with the recession hitting families hard, these stores still want their customers to have a nice Christmas without breaking the bank. So this holiday season, don’t wait for the last minute. Head over to your local Walmart, Home Depot and Lowe’s and get your tree for under $ 100.00. Wouldn’t it be nice to be ahead of the crowds this year and get a jump start on the Christmas Season? By saving money on a Christmas Tree you can shop around and see what other great savings you can find.


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