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Artificial Christmas Tree Assembly & Troubleshooting Guide


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe first thing you will want to do before you start to assemble your Artificial Christmas Tree is to make sure you check to see if you have all the parts it is supposed to come with. You can do this by comparing the parts on the packing list to the parts that you have removed the box. If you are missing parts you will either want to contact the place where you bought the tree and ask for the missing parts or return the tree for one that has all the parts. You will also want to have a family member or friend help you set up the tree as some parts could be heavy, plus its a lot more fun setting up for Christmas with someone, rather then doing it alone.

How To Assemble An Artificial Christmas Tree

After you have made sure that you have all of the parts of the tree you will next want to place the tree stand on the floor where the tree will be standing. Now you will want to take the first bottom section and slide the trunk into the tree stand. Once the trunk is in you will want to tighten the eyelet screws on the tree stand hand tight to hold the first section straight up as possible. Now that the first section is standing you will want to insert the middle section into the bottom section. After you have the middle section slide into the bottom section of the tree you will want to slide the last section into the middle section and you will be ready to level the tree and connect the light strings. Some Artificial trees will have color coded sections to help you get the tree together faster. You can always refer to your instruction manual that came with the tree for further information about the color coding system.

How To Connect The Light Strings

At the end of every light string there will be a plug. Most Artificial trees will have a color coded plug system so you will know where to plug end in. Each section of the tree should have one or two plugs that will have to be plugged into the main wiring harness that will be mounted near the tree trunk. If you do not have a Pre-Lit tree you can skip this part because you will have to add the light strings yourself onto the tree. This step is only important if you have an artificial Christmas tree with Pre-mounted Christmas lights attached to the tree branches. Once you have the colors matched up you can plug the light strand end into the harness on the tree. However some artificial trees will not use a color coded system and will just require you to plug all the strands into the main harness of the tree power cord. Always refer to the instruction / installation manual that came with your artificial tree.

How To Level The Artificial Christmas Tree

Once you have all the branches inserted into the tree trunk and all the light strands connected into the wiring harness you may need to level the tree. You can level your artificial Christmas tree pretty easily using the adjustment eyelet screws that are attached to the Christmas Tree stand. To level the tree from one side to another you will either have to loosen or tighten one or a few of the four screws that are in the tree stand. If your Christmas Tree is leaning to the left side of the room you would want to loosen the bolts/ eyelets on the right side of the tree stand and then tighten the bolts / eyelets on the left side of the stand until the tree is completely straight side to side. You may need some one to look at the tree while you are laying under it adjusting the screws on the base of the tree stand. After you have leveled the Christmas tree you will want to lock the tree stand adjustment bolts into place.

How To Replace Christmas Tree Light Bulbs

If you have a bulb that is not working on your tree you will need to replace it with a colored or flasher bulb. The first thing you will want to do is to unplug the Christmas Tree Lights from the electrical outlet. After you are sure that the lights are unplugged you can gently pry the light bulb that is not working out of the bulb socket. If you can not get the bulb out you can use the tip of a Flathead screwdriver to catch the outer edge of the plastic bulb base and then work it out of the light bulb socket. Once you have the old bulb removed you can replace it with the same color bulb you already had in there or another color of your choosing. You could alternatively put a flasher bulb in into the strand to make it blink. After you have replaced the light bulb that was not working you can plug the Christmas Tree / lights back in and now see if the bulb you replaced now works. If you need to replace multiple bulbs you can change them all at once while you have the lights unplugged from the electric outlet. If you think you will have trouble remember which ones are bad you could always mark the bad ones with an erasable marker to help you keep track or you could replace them one by one.

How To Make The Artificial Tree Look More Realistic

Once you have your Artificial Christmas Tree all put together, all the lights stands working and the tree leveled you will want to make your tree look as realistic as possible. The most common way to make your artificial Christmas Tree look realistic is to spread the branches out so the tree becomes thicker and starts to look nicer. Most Artificial Christmas tree branches have a metal or bendable wire inside of them that will allow you to shape the branch of the tree.

Another great way to make the Artificial Christmas tree look more realistic is to hang ornaments in areas where the tree branches have some spaces. You could also add some tinsel and spray on white snow to make your tree look like it was just in a winter storm glowing with beautiful lights.


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