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Beckett Residential Burners


Beckett Corporation has been in business for over 60 years, overtime they have created a company whose goal is to provide not just commercial companies the best parts for boilers but to service the homeowner with the same great products and service. Beckett Burners are the most commonly installed burners in the United States. Beckett Burners are so popular that they are used inside of the Statute of Liberty.Beckett Residential Burners

Some of the benefits of upgrading to a Beckett Oil Burner is that they are fuel savers, cost effective and 100% safe. Beckett states that oil heat equipment actually has more efficiency over gas burners by about 16%. That is a great statistic when considering upgrading your system. It is also stated that oil heat can operate at about 65% higher than electric heat systems that put out an efficiency of 31%. So, let’s take a look and see what residential products Beckett can offer you.

The Residential NX Oil Burner comes with the company’ patented air guide and a scroll insert that provide higher static pressure than other burners. The NX Oil Burners operates efficiently and quietly. The oil burner can actually adapt to outside air by installing a high static pressure and air intake kit made for direct venting systems. The NX Oil Burner has a 56,000 BTU to 280,000 BTU capacities and it uses 0.40 to 1.75 gallons or oil per hour. The electrical statistics of the NX Oil Burner is that the motor is 3450 rpms with a NEMA M Flange; the power supply is 120 volts with single phase and 60 Hz. This single stage oil burner is easy to maintain and even easier to service if the time comes.
Beckett NX Oil Burner
The NX comes with very standard parts, nothing fancy or parts that you can’t find. These parts bring together air and head settings with one simple adjustment, which allows a zero position to be set without even having to remove the burner. The NX Oil Burner is available with Crown Boilers, Veissmann, Weil McClain, Peerless and Slant Fin just to name a few. The Residential AF II Oil Burner has a one-piece flame retention head comes with a stainless steel construction that was made for high performance. This oil burner comes with a standard ceramic head insulator that will be able to prevent flame radiation on the components for the combustion area. The Beckett AF II Oil Burner comes with 1/4″ quick connect electrode terminals. These fittings are standard in most oil burners and they are guaranteed to a positive connection every time.

The AF II has an easy to read air control dial, this mechanism can lock in place that are easy to set for exact air intake via larger single port than other oil burners. The unit comes with a single larger air inlet. This is located on the other side of the burner. It is installed away from the pump to help ward for any build up that may happen. It was designed to take in 4 feet of air supply duct without the inlet cover. The Residential AF II has motor specifications of 3450 rpms; with a NEMA M Flange and a manual reset overload protection. The power supply like the NX Oil Burner is a 120-volt, single phase with 60 Hz. This fuel unit can be single or double stages. If you want to order the AF II you will need the Model AF Burner Chassis, Type of Fuel Unit and Primary Control. You will need specific types of supports that may be required as well as any other spare parts or controls.
Beckett AF II
The Beckett AF Oil Burner has a capacity of 0.40 to 3.00 gallons per hour and a 56,000 BTU’s to 420,000 BTU’s per hour. The chassis will reduce the investment by up to 65% and will decrease the storage space by up to 85%. The motor on the AF Oil Burner is 3450 rotations per minute with a NEMA M Flange. This motor has a manual reset overload protection. The overload has a maximum of 5.8 amps. Beckett AF Oil Burner has an ignition of 10,000 volts and a power supply of 120 volts, 60 Hz and single phase. This oil burner has a nozzle line electrode assembly with a self-centering unit. This will help deliver the oil to the nozzle along with a high voltage electric connection to the electrodes. The AF Beckett Oil Burner has a drive motor that can withstand everyday use. The ignition transformer is electrically balanced and protected.

The Burner Housing is made from a strong die cast. It is exactly machines by an aluminum housing which helps keep the pump and motor aligned. This will help ensure a smoother operation and a longer life for the Residential AF Oil Burner. The Fuel unit on the AF Oil Burner is a single stage or double stage. The AF Oil Burner is easy to service and will cut down on the length of the service calls. The Beckett Residential AFG Oil Burner has a performance capacity of 0.40 to 3.00 gallons per hour. The unit has an input rating of 56,000 BTU to 420,000 BTU’s. The dimensions of the AFG Oil Burner are 11-1/2 inches in height, 12-7/8 inches in width and 6-9/16 inches in depth. The unit comes with a nozzle line electrode assembly that provides oil to the nozzle and a high voltage of electricity to the electrodes. This design ensures a smooth operation and a more efficient combustion.

The Residential Beckett AFG Oil Burner is designed with a Blower Wheel, this new design offer a high static pressure combustion with smooth air starts and a combustion under poor quality air drafts. The AFG offers an air guide that can channel combustion air with consistency. The unit comes with a flame retention head; this is a single piece flame retention burner. This retention head is steady with strong combustion by as much as 35%. The motor on the AFG Oil Burner is a 3450-rpm with a NEMA M Flange with manual overload protection. The overload operation of 5.8 amps with alternated voltages or frequencies. The chassis plan will reduce the investment up to 65% and can save about 85% storage space.

There are so many different oil burners with so many different features but Beckett Oil Burners are the most efficient and most reliable. The Beckett Oil Burners are available on so many boilers such as Crown, Weil McLain, Biassi and Peerless Heaters too. When you buy Beckett you are buying the best in the industry. Not only does Beckett provide great products but also they offer homeowners tips and suggestions to keeping your heating costs down. They offer such ideas as keeping drapes and curtains open to help keep the heat from the sun in and decrease the need for boiler heat. It is tips like that and others that makes Beckett Oil Burner such as great product and a great company.


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