WeT HeaD KnowledgeBeckett Burners are one of the most popular names in the boiler burner industry. They have an impressive inventory of burners to choose from. One of their premier burners is the Beckett AF Burner. Beckett goes up and above the line, making their parts and equipment easy to understand. If you have never seen a burner before, simply locate the label information and you will find the Model Number, The Serial Number and the Date Code. You will see the Approval Agencies for State and Local Agencies. Everything you will need to know about the basic information of the boiler, you can find on the label.

The AF Beckett Burner specs are as follows: the firing range of the boiler is between 0.40 and 3.00 GPH and an input rating of 56,000 BTU’s per hour and 154,000 Btu’s per hour. On these styles of boilers you should use a Number 1 or Number 2 Heating Oil. The Power Supply on the AF Burner is a simple 120 Volts AC, 60 HZ, Single Phase. The motor on the burner is a 3/4 horsepower motor, with 3450 RPM, a NEMA 48M frame, PSC rotation and a rotation of CCW looking at the end of the shaft. The burner is ignited by a continuous duty solid-state igniter switch. The design on the AF Beckett Burner is pretty compact, the height is about 11-1/2 inches, width is 12-7/8 inches and the depth of the AF Beckett Burner is 6-9/16 inches.

Some of the components installed into the AF Beckett Burner are the Flame Retention Head; this is a one-piece retention burner. It has a stable and it increases the combustion efficiency by as much as 35%. The Ignition Transformer is rated at 10,000 V. /23ma, it provides a smooth running burner as the burner ignites almost effortlessly. If you are looking to place an order for this high efficient Beckett Burner, you will need the Model of the AF Beckett Burner, the type of fuel you are going to use and the primary control. Beckett Burners are the best in the business and you can rest assured when you order a Beckett Burner that you are getting a reliable and durable burner for any boiler. If you are looking to save money then the AF Beckett Burner is the right choice.

Homeowners can inspect their boilers and some parts located inside the boiler without having to call someone in and spend a lot of money. By doing the following daily and weekly checks you can save yourself a lot of money. On a daily basis, you should make sure that the air vent openings on the burners are clean and nothing is in their way. There should be no combustible material placed near the boiler at all. Check for leaks of oil and water near or around the burner and the boiler. On a weekly checklist, you should be checking for the oil tank level. This level should always be full especially during the summer months. This will help stop condensation from forming on the inside of the tank.