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Baxi Condensing Boiler HT380


Baxi is a great brand of boilers; they have so much to offer. They have Condensing Boilers models Baxi Luna HT380, HT 1.33, HT1.45 and HT1.65. They offer Standard Efficiency Boilers, models Luna 3 Comfort and Luna 1.31. Space Heating with Radiators and Towel Warmers. They also sell Indirect Tanks as well, the Modulo and the Dual Coil Indirect. But the boilers are their best selling products. Let’s take a look at some of the boilers that Baxi offers:Baxi Condensing Boiler HT380

All Baxi Luna Boilers will have an 86% to 98% efficiency, making these boilers some of the most efficient around. They can be used from heating a home or a small office. The Baxi Luna Boilers can cover from 600 square feet to 6000 square feet. These boilers can be used with Natural gas or Propane. They can decrease the fuel consumption and even greenhouse gases by at most 59%. These boilers have been approved by CSA, Energy Star and ASME H certified. These are the best certification that a boiler can get. Each boiler comes with a 10-year warranty on all heat exchangers. If you want the company offers an extended 10-year warranty on the heat exchangers.
Baxi Condensing Boiler HT380
The Baxi Luna HT 380& 1.330 this is a combination of central heating and an on demand domestic hot water boiler. This boiler is environmentally friendly; it has an impressive 90% less CO and 80% less NOx. This boiler has an efficiency rating of 99%; it is tough to get better than 99%. The best part is that these Baxi boilers can work in conjunction with any hydronic air handler, wall or baseboard radiator and in floor radiant system. The Baxi HT380 boiler is compact it measures in at 17-3/4″ in width, 13-1/2″ in diameter and only 30″ in height. If you don’t have a lot of space the Baxi HT380 can be installed on the wall. The unit may be small but it can produce an output Btu’s between 32,804 to 112,601 btu’s. The unit is made of a Nickel Chrome Stainless Steel primary heat exchanger. This means that the unit will not rust or corrode as many other units do after years or wear and tear.

Another Baxi Luna boiler is model HT1.45 and the HT1.65. The HT 1.45 is designed for heating only. The Baxi Luna HT1.45 has a Btu range of 52,058 to 221,789 Btu’s. Like the HT380, the HT1.45 is compact and can be wall hung as well. The Luna HT1.650 modulates with 69,326 Btu’s to 221,789 Btu’s output. This boiler has an anti-freeze protection set 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The HT1.45 and HT1.65 have a double CPU microprocessor that is used for the most efficiency the boiler can offer. If you want to replace your old boiler with a new high rated efficiency boiler, try Baxi Boilers. They have a good reputation and their inventory carries some of the highest rated boilers in the business. Take a look at all of the products that they have available. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


  1. Where are you located Do you have knowledge on servicing Baxi Luna f310 boiler (propane) and how can I restart it when it does click on to heat our home . Thanks.

  2. I just installed a BaxiHT380 boiler which uses propane gas. It seems to cycle on and off every 5 seconds. Is that normal? The other problem I have is it rumbles on high fire. What can I do to resolve both problems. I have 3 heating zones, approximately 230 feet in each run of pex tubing in a concrete floor. I used a 1 inch header on the supply side and return side. Off the header are my pex lines. Thanks, you can email me if you need more info. jjh

    • hi john, the problem is the setting of low fire. you can adjust low fire on this type ( condensating) using only gas analysor. your boiler does not have enough pressure on low and hi fire. check inlet dynamic gas pressure(when boiler works on full cappacity)- it should be 7inch water column( at least).after adjusting low and hi fire you should adjust fan speed on low fire.

    • Jeff,

      This leads me to think that you may have LP gas for your boiler. The gas valve comes from the factory set for natural gas and must be properly setup for propane gas. This is something that a heating tech would do with a combustion analyzer and the controler that came with the unit (adjusting 2 settings). If your unit runs on natural then the gas valve will still need to be dialed in as there is currently too much gas on ignition. A properly installed Baxi should light off quitely each time. Hopefully you have or can have this issue easily fixed by a service tech in your area.

  3. My Baxi that is 16 months old has starting making a very loud vibrating noisse almost everytime the boiler fires up for heat. It actually wakes us up at night when it starts the loud vibration or humming and this is a totally new sounmd it is making it has never happened before, only in the past two weeks. I had my plumbing technician check it and it never acted up once while he was here and he checked it out thoroughly. About an hour after he left it started again. This is not a normal sound for this Baxi. It is like going to the doctors when you get there the pain is gone.
    I have been keeping the times when this happens and what time of day or night.

    • I had a baxi luna 380 installed last year and I get the same humming noise. It is coming from the circulating pump. I think it is because the zone that demands the most steps down from 3/4 pipe to 1/2 inch feet from the unit constricting the flow which is making the pump work harder than it should. It only happens when heat is being demanded for that zone often. Otherwise there is no humming. I had the installer over and he adjusted the flow on the pump which has 3 settings. I went to the lowest setting for the pump and it seems to work fine. You can take the cover off the boiler and there is a dial on the circulating pump which is a grundfos. I am planning on increasing the line to 3/4 up to the first radiator and then putting the pump back to the number 2 position. I will post the outcome.

      • did he use a combustion analyzer to set the fuel air ratio if not get another tech to do this correctly. i think this is your problem not the pump

        • Thanks steffan for the info. I am in the process of trying to find a qualified tech in my area. I live in western massachusetts do you know any tech out this way ,does anyone?

  4. Our Baxi 1.656 is almost 2 years old. When first installed it only made a loud click and a hushed whirring sound as the fan started up, Within 3 months it started to make a loud rumble when starting up. It is intermittent, but has continually been getting worse. It can now go on for 10 seconds and cycles up and down in volume. It sounds like an old car that almost stalls after turning on the ignition. I am sure it is exactly what is being described here and we can hear it in our Master bedroom which is 2 stories above the boiler and 25 feet away from the vertical flue. I have had the installer back for a total of 4 times, and it has never been improved despite what they do to it. Is this a design flaw? I know others with high efficiency boilers but no-one else has this problem. I am very happy about the reduced heating bills, but this performance is very dissappointing. I contacted Baxi directly one year ago with no response. I am going to try again.

  5. I can identify exactly with Nicholas Lamb and Jerry. My Baxi was installed 11 months ago. About a month ago we started hearing the loud vibrating rumbling sound on start up (but not every start up). When I’m outside I can here the sound quite clearing booming out of the exhaust pipes.
    I don’t have any answers yet either but would love to hear if anyone else does. If I find something I’ll share. Otherwise I love the boiler.

    • I have installed many baxi boilers both the ht 380 and the 1.330 with or without the modulo tank, and my advise to you is get a technician that has been through the factory training program. these boilers must be set up with a combustion analyzer. the flue gasses must be exactly within the parameters set by baxi. If your installer did not adjust the parameters for fan speeds and fuel pecentage your boiler will not only be less efficient than it should be it will reduce it’s life expectancy and cost you money for untrained personnel repair bills. my advise to you is do your homework and hire a traained professional to complete your installation correctly.

  6. I had my technition who set up the system come back out. He used a combustion analyzer the first time and hooked it up again. He said that the gas pressure had changed from when he first set it up. I have an 1-1/4″ line coming in so there is plenty of volume. The gas supplier must have changed the pressure or it just fluctuates from time to time. This was causing it to fire abnormally during low fire. He was getting 8″ in water (if I have that right) when he set it up and now he was getting 6″. He re-adjusted things and it is running quietly now on low fire.
    Thanks for the advice!

  7. I purchased a house last year that has a Baxi Lunt HT-330. I love this boiler! Has been working like a charm! The valve that switches between Hot water & heating makes a funny noise but for just a second. My wife could not figure out what was making the noise when she first herd it. The circulator pump froze up but I was able to shut down, remove the circulator & free up the impeller. I have since replaced the impeller keeping the original as a spare. I’m in the process of installing the remote outdoor temp sensor. Other than that the only thing I’m missing now are high Natural gas bills!

  8. On the baxi ht380Ht what size black iron pipe should the primary loop be? I have 2 copper zones and both are 3/4″, and I only have 1 bathroom. Shoule it be 11/4″ black iron pipe with the closely spaced Tees?

  9. My Baxi HT 380 installed in 7/08 has, as promised, reduced my gas bill significantly. However, I have had to add water using a very inconveinent valve many times. My installer and all the literature calls for 1.5 – 2 bar operating range so I fill to that when cold. The problem is that I somehow lose pressure to less than .5 bar which of course causes the low water cut out. I travel extensively in the winter so am concerned about complete shut down and damage to my home in upstate NY.
    I have none of the vibration or noise mentioned in the other posts. I have used this contracter many times and trust him to resolve but at this point, i’d like to see if anyone else has experienced this and what resolution they have made.

  10. I got a Baxi HT 380 system installed and Just had questions about operations during the summer. How do you go about turning the heat off but keeping the domestic hot water on?

  11. I have already bought my Baxi Luna HT 380, but I need to know if it is an Energy Star product for my Government rebate. If it isn’t an ES product, I’ll be taking it back.

    • Yes It is. You can go to the Marathon International web site (, I think) and click on Certification, and you find the Lune 380 and 4 others listed as Tax credit elegible.

  12. I’m putting a new boiler in my house in upstate NY.
    So far I’ve narrowed it down to the Triangle Tube Prestige Excellence
    or the BaxiLuna HT 380 or HT1.33 with the Modulo unit…
    Any thoughts ?
    Propane pressure in the winter ??
    will that change how the boiler is configured ?
    unless i bury my tank to have constant temp…

  13. As to Energy Star, on my brand new HT380 I only received a partial rebate of $1K instead of the $1600 advertised because here in Massachusetts at least they claim that the storage tank holds too much water to be eligible for the full rebate. I pointed out that the manual says the capacity is only .95 gallons, but they say they check consumer sites and that the storage is in fact larger. Whom to believe? Of course this is the same rebate program that took 12 weeks to send the check instead of the promised 4-6.

    I have two new HT380’s, and they both cycle off regularly so there is no hot water, and I get the codes E130 and 133 regularly. I have to hit the reset button to get hot water. The units are in different parts of the apartment. Our installer has been responsive, and brought the regional manager of the distributor. He says that perhaps moisture filters down when it rains. Any similar experience? It’s obviously frustrating because if I had wanted to have to manually reset so frequently (several times a week) I could have bought a wood stove instead.

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