Baxi is a great brand of boilers; they have so much to offer. They have Condensing Boilers models Baxi Luna HT380, HT 1.33, HT1.45 and HT1.65. They offer Standard Efficiency Boilers, models Luna 3 Comfort and Luna 1.31. Space Heating with Radiators and Towel Warmers. They also sell Indirect Tanks as well, the Modulo and the Dual Coil Indirect. But the boilers are their best selling products. Let’s take a look at some of the boilers that Baxi offers:Baxi Condensing Boiler HT380

All Baxi Luna Boilers will have an 86% to 98% efficiency, making these boilers some of the most efficient around. They can be used from heating a home or a small office. The Baxi Luna Boilers can cover from 600 square feet to 6000 square feet. These boilers can be used with Natural gas or Propane. They can decrease the fuel consumption and even greenhouse gases by at most 59%. These boilers have been approved by CSA, Energy Star and ASME H certified. These are the best certification that a boiler can get. Each boiler comes with a 10-year warranty on all heat exchangers. If you want the company offers an extended 10-year warranty on the heat exchangers.
Baxi Condensing Boiler HT380
The Baxi Luna HT 380& 1.330 this is a combination of central heating and an on demand domestic hot water boiler. This boiler is environmentally friendly; it has an impressive 90% less CO and 80% less NOx. This boiler has an efficiency rating of 99%; it is tough to get better than 99%. The best part is that these Baxi boilers can work in conjunction with any hydronic air handler, wall or baseboard radiator and in floor radiant system. The Baxi HT380 boiler is compact it measures in at 17-3/4″ in width, 13-1/2″ in diameter and only 30″ in height. If you don’t have a lot of space the Baxi HT380 can be installed on the wall. The unit may be small but it can produce an output Btu’s between 32,804 to 112,601 btu’s. The unit is made of a Nickel Chrome Stainless Steel primary heat exchanger. This means that the unit will not rust or corrode as many other units do after years or wear and tear.

Another Baxi Luna boiler is model HT1.45 and the HT1.65. The HT 1.45 is designed for heating only. The Baxi Luna HT1.45 has a Btu range of 52,058 to 221,789 Btu’s. Like the HT380, the HT1.45 is compact and can be wall hung as well. The Luna HT1.650 modulates with 69,326 Btu’s to 221,789 Btu’s output. This boiler has an anti-freeze protection set 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The HT1.45 and HT1.65 have a double CPU microprocessor that is used for the most efficiency the boiler can offer. If you want to replace your old boiler with a new high rated efficiency boiler, try Baxi Boilers. They have a good reputation and their inventory carries some of the highest rated boilers in the business. Take a look at all of the products that they have available. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.