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5 Worthwhile Swimming Pool Upgrades To Turn Your Ordinary Backyard Into A Heavenly Oasis


It’s best to spend some time thinking about any swimming pool renovation before you just do it on a whim. And, if you thought about it and decide to go ahead with it, you could be in for some good times. Thanks to the latest technological advancements, renovating your pool can be a valuable venture.

Homeowners have the option of transforming their old pool into a lap of luxury – using an array of amenities that allow renovation to run smoother than ever. Many folks don’t renovate their pools due to the lack of information about it. They don’t even consider the possibilities that pool renovations can offer. If you’re thinking about renovating your pool, don’t be overwhelmed by the latest trends in the industry.

5 Popular Upgrades To Think About For Renovating Your Swimming Pool

1 – Salt Water Chlorinator

One of the latest advancements in swimming pool service is the salt water chlorinator, which gets rid of the requirement for chlorine tablets, granular chlorine and liquid chlorine. The idea behind this advancement is to provide convenience. They also get rid of the need to manual apply chlorine and store it. When needed, the salt converts into chlorine using a simple chemical process, which is used to make other chlorine additives. Having chlorine in the swimming pool has boosted sanitizing efforts because of the chemical process in which chlorine is created.

A pool renovation that includes the salt water chlorinator removes the need to add and monitor chlorine. Therefore, there are no itchy eyes or green hair that comes with measuring and monitoring chlorine levels. Basically, you can spend time worrying about having fun!

swimming-pool-upgrades2 – Electronic Auto Fill

Another worthwhile and practical additional to your swimming pool is the electronic auto fill.
This ensures the pool refills after the levels drop due to evaporation and people going in and out of the pool. When the water gets too low, the filters and pumps are not able to properly function. However, the electronic auto fill will keep an eye on the level and fill it to the right level. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

3 – Aggregate Finish Pool Plaster

The aggregate finish pool plaster can create a richly-colored pool. The pool plaster ensures concrete gunite pools don’t become damaged. However, it’s not very pretty to look at. Newer pool plaster finishes are much more pleasant to look at. These finishes can be found an array of colors and textures.

Just like pebbles, crystals and quartz have boosted the durability of the plaster; the standard was raised for the plaster’s appearance. The aggregate finish pool plaster allows colors and light to reflect, generating amazing effects from the pool’s bottom to the surface. Aggregate finishes can also have a natural feel to them. This type of finish can last up to 20 years while ensuring a pleasant sparkling color.

4 – Natural Stone Coping and Decking

Another worthwhile renovation is to add natural stone coping and decking, which can bring style to the area. Various stones can be utilized like:

– Sandstone
– Bluestone
– Tennessee Crab Orchard

Your swimming pool’s style can often dictate which natural stone would be best. Materials that contrast one another can bring in attention and can create focal points. When choosing your stones, pick wisely and keep the spaces’ practical needs in mind. For instance, the Tennessee Crab Orchard patio stays cool even in the hot summer sun, which means your feet don’t get burned while you’re relaxing.

Natural stone tends to do better than a paver patio since pavers are usually outdated in five years. Natural stone gives a better surface than stamped concrete because it’s not slippery and there are no issues with the color fading.

5 –Fiber Optic and Color LED Pool Lights

Another renovation to consider is to upgrade the visual effects of the pool by using fiber optic and color LED lighting. Many people are opting for this upgrade because of how it brings the area to life. The lighting can be put into the wall or floor of the pool/spa. The lights do several things for a homeowner:

– Boost the pool’s value
– Allows homeowners and visitors to swim and have fun even when it’s dark
– Provide dynamic backdrops during evening get-togethers

Line the bottom of the pool with fiber optic star lights or on the inside of a grotto to produce astronomical effects. These lights can also change in color, setting a romantic mood or backyard party. Your nightlife can change with this upgrade.


  1. I was told that on I could get some useful information for my swimming pool. Well I gueess my friend told me truth. Thanks for the article and keep it going!

  2. AAA this blog is perfect timing for my wife and I. We finally decided to tear down the old above ground pool since the liner is bad and put in our dream pool!! This tips will go a far way for us.

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