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5 Primary Reasons To Choose A Glass Swimming Pool Fence


According to various studies – including the one from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission – young children are susceptible to serious and fatal accidents when near in-ground, residential swimming pools. For that reason, many states have made it mandatory that residential homes with pools have some type of swimming pool safety fence in place.

Yes, there are several safety products available – pool covers, sensors and alarms. However, swimming pool safety fences are the best 24-hour protection to ensure kids are not harmed in anyway when there is no adult presence.

There are several kinds of pool safety fences available:

– Wrought iron
– Wood
– Vinyl
– Mesh
– Glass
– Chain link
– Aluminum


Of all the available options, the most prominent and popular is the glass swimming pool fence. But, why? What makes it better than the others?

1 – Safety

The main function of any kind of pool fence is safety. Glass is seen as durable and can easily keep a child from getting into the pool area. The fence can be any size and shape and can cover the whole pool area. A glass fence’s durability, strength and coverage will ensure no child will be involved with a pool accident.

2 – Maintenance

Another advantage to using glass swimming pool fences is that it’s easier to maintain than iron, wood or chain links – these tend to rust or rot. Besides cleaning the glass panels, there isn’t an actual maintenance cost. There’s also no need to paint or apply water or rust repellent like you would have to do for a metal or wood fence.

3 – Privacy

Glass fences also work to protect your privacy – unlike other kinds of fences out there. You can frost or tint the glass, allowing you to enjoy the privacy without people spying on you.

4 – Background

Of all the fences available, the least imposing is the glass swimming pool fence. Glass can easily blend into any background so it doesn’t appear out of place and look bad. Plus, you don’t have to make any modifications to your home to suit the fence. Glass fences can suit the home.

5 – Décor

All fences have the ability to be made decorative. However, glass takes top rank due to the numerous options available. You can do one of two things:

– Allow it to blend in with the home’s background
– Have a designed printed onto its surface.

Tinting or frosting the glass can boost the pool’s look as well as the rest of the landscape. If you want, throw in some lamps so you can go swimming in the dark and enjoy the nighttime scenery.

It takes no time at all to install and take apart a glass fence. And, because they are so popular, there are many companies that specialize in the production and installation of glass swimming pool fences. Of course, before you settle on any kind safety pool fence, it’s best to do a little homework and research to determine which type of fence is best for your home and the safety of little ones around you.


  1. I really like the idea of a frosted glass fence to help keep the inside area private. The only reason I would choose a different material from glass would be for security reasons, but that’s not even a problem with frosted glass. Plus, the glass is a very light material that would definitely help give the yard a lighter feel.

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