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Zurn Floor Drain


Zurn drainage operation is considered to be one of the pioneers of waste water control products for industrial and commercial production building industry. Among the other products of the company- Zurn floor drainsequipments are considered to be the best in its sector since the products are extremely engineered and are prepared to meet up with the ANSI standards. Skilled and talented engineers, architects and plumbing contractors prefer to use the door equipments made by Zurn for residential and non-residential purposes.

What is a floor drain?


Zurn Floor Drain Picture

It is a type of plumbing fixture, equipped in the floor of any formation. The main objective of floor drains is to clear any unnecessary gathering of water. Such floor drains are generally round, rectangular or square in shape. Their size ranges from 2 to 12 inches in width and are generally made up of metal or plastic gratings. The floor area adjacent to the drain is inclined. This enables the water to flow smoothly to the drain. Generally, the floor drains in the residential apartments are close to the water heater. Other places where floor drains can be found are kitchens, refrigerator areas, commercial basements, laundry facilities,restrooms, locker rooms and near swimming pools.

Zurn Floor Drain Covers

These are quite popular in the industry. Floor drains are used to transfer the waste water available in the floor area to the waste water systems and sewer conveniently. If the water is not removed, large number of micro organisms grows in the moist areas and can be harmful for health. Hence, to avoid any kind of possibility which can be hazardous to your heath, floor drains should be put into work Due to wet floors, accidents happen very frequently. To avoid such mishaps, excellent quality of floor drains must be installed, such as Zurn.


The covers of Zurn floor drains are available in different shapes and sizes and are based on the different type of drain in use. The difference lies in its application. Zurn has a history of manufacturing excellent quality of drainage products and is still in the process.


The application method of the floor drain where it is to be installed is based on the area. Selection of the drain cover is also depended on the choice of the customer in few cases. Each and every cover is made out of excellent materials for a long term usage.

Cast Iron Drain Cover

It is one of the most common covers used by the Zurn floor drains. Such covers are 5/16 and ¼ inches thick. Such drains which use cast iron drain cover can be used in both indoors and outdoors such as side walks, parking lots, driveaways, restrooms, showers and many more. Due to the cast iron material used in the covers, the durability and endurance can be assured.

Heavy Duty Cast Strainers

One of the common Zurn floor drain covers in use till date is by architects is heavy duty cast strainers. Such covers are manufactured by nickel or brass and are created in a specific pattern. Some of the strainers have certain logo which does not influence the purpose of the cover.

Floor sink grate

Such covers are manufactured by porcelain enamel cast iron. Such covers are very robust and durable in nature with interesting designs. In order to let enough drainage out, the floor grate vent openings are made big enough.

The above mentioned are few of the Zurn floor drain covers. One should acquire them in order to maintain the health and safety issues in the consumer’s life. Such Zurn drain covers are liable to be returned in accordance with the return policy, whenever there is any problem. According to the return policy, the product should be in good condition and the actual bill should be accompanied with it.

Zurn Floor Drain Extension

Such floor drain extensions are characterized by a number of essential features which stand it out in the race. These essential features are:

  • Easy method of installing
  • Removes any safety issue and provide adequate security
  • Offers an adequate smooth surface
  • Manufactured in multiple shape and sizes for the convenience of the buyers
  • Minimizes any kind of liability issue
  • Such drain extensions are extremely cost effective

Zurn Floor Drain Grates

Most of the Zurn floor drains can be modified by using nickel bronze grates and strainers. Such drains are extremely adjustable and that adds to their credentials. These drains comprise of a mixture of top class grates along with clamp collar. Zurn Trench Drain Ductile Iron Grate Class E Z806 is the most preferred one in its category. Among the others, few are also preferred by customers. Such products include- Square, Grainger 4wdr4, Zurn Grate Lockdown Bag Of Hardware – Qty. 36 Bags, Zurn JP2375-H, Zurn Industries Replacement Drain Grate Jp2280-s5-str and Zurn Half Grate Floor

Zurn Floor Drain With Funnel

The funnel floor drains are sometimes oval in shape and are generally in line with flooring. If the floor and trap is not in a straight line, it can lead to severe accidents. These floorings are made up of nickel or bronze and are highly durable and proficient.



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