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ZODIAC™ MARS HP® – Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner 2013


With so many different options out there for pool cleaning, and all of them selling you the same thing, how do you know if you are buying the right product for your pool? What worked great for your friend may do nothing for you, as it may not support your size of pool or what your pool is made from.

Thankfully, there are some extremely versatile options out there for people who are unsure. There are literally hundreds of different pool cleaners out there, but the Zodiac Baracuda Mars HP Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner offers a very stable and reliable service for a great price.

Capable of dealing with any pool which is even in size, it offers a fast a reliable automatic pool cleaning service which is sure to impress. Extremely easy to maintain, as there is just one part to it rather than extra processors and power supplies, and is actually very quiet when doing its job, meaning you can leave it to do the hard work while you relax and inspect the job!

Consider Usability, Easiness and Function

Designed specifically to work with above-ground pools, it easily removes all debris including dirt, leaves, twigs and pebbles, leaving your pool safe to walk in and around, and removing any potentially dangerous chemicals and growths from your swimming pool.

Pools require almost constant maintenance, and this is why having the best cleaner available to you is important. Without the right tools at your disposal, it can be very difficult to get the job done properly and you spend a lot of time retracing the steps of the pool cleaner, but not with the Zodiac Baracuda Mars HP Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner.

Easy to get going and cleaning, with it coming pre-assembled meaning you just need to open the box and set it loose, it provides quick and re-assuring cleaning services to any evenly sized pool. Another key factor with the Zodiac Baracuda Mars HP Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner is the price. Not only is it extremely cheap for the quality of service it provides, but it comes in at a fraction of the price of similar products, making it a must for anybody who requires a hassle-free pool cleaner which will take care of all of the difficult tasks.

Although it does not come with a leaf canister, it does offer support for one should you so choose. You can pick one up fairly simply through the parts department at Baracuda, making it easy to implement this should you find you need a little extra help with those pesky leaves.

It connects easily through a skimmer or vacuum line, and it allows water to go through the diaphragm at an impressive 17 gallons per minute, allowing for easy regurgitation and a quick cleaning job all around.

Most people are looking for not only value, but quality and speed when it comes to pool cleaners, and the Zodiac Baracuda Mars HP Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner offers that in spades. Just please be aware that you need to remove the cleaner from water before adding any pool chemicals or chlorine. If you leave it in there for too long, you will need to recalibrate the settings, and any damage done by pool chemicals is not covered, so make sure you are extremely vigilant about this as it can end up costing you a lot of money!

Although extremely fair value, it does have its own little problems. Thankfully, most of these are extremely easily fixed with a little bit of messing around, and save you having to pay for replacements or future pool cleaning services which can be very expensive!

If you find performance dips, which is a regular complaint, then check for any debris which is stuck, make sure that the flow is at the right level. In colder waters, you may need to increase the flow to help get things underway, so make sure to try that if you are suffering from sluggish returns on your cleaning. Finally, tighten all items which feel any less than water tight, and this should solve any sloppy performance issues.

If your machine struggles to cover the entire pool, then ensure you have the right length of hose first, and then that the right flow is being reached by the pool pulse. Lastly, check for any coils in the connection as this can cause it to stall and not work to its full capabilities.

Overall though, the Zodiac Baracuda Mars HP Automatic Above Ground Pool Cleaner offers extremely good value for the asking price, and with a little maintenance and care it can last you a long time. It really does do the job it promotes though, which is the most important thing with pool cleaners.


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