When shopping for an above ground swimming pool cleaner, you should look for a cleaner that is designed for the type of swimming pool that you have. If you have an above ground swimming pool then the Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner is a good place to start. The Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner is a swimming pool cleaner designed for effective and efficient pool cleanings.Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner

The Baracuda Zippy offers a quiet way to clean your pool while you spend more time swimming than cleaning. The Zippy Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaner is designed with their own patented pressure and suction advanced technology. The pool cleaner will not just clean any flat bottom above ground pool but it will also clean all slightly dipped pools in less time than it would take if you did it yourself. Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner

Not only can the Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner do the job efficiently it can do it effectively. The Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner can also save your money on pool chemicals too. As the Zippy performs its cleaning duties, the water circulates the swimming pool chemicals more evenly than other pool cleaners. The more the chemicals are distributed evenly the less you will have to add chemicals and in the long run it will save you money.

This powerful cleaner comes with a washable filter bag that will store leaves, dirt, pebbles and twigs from the bottom of the swimming pool floor. The Zippy Pool Cleaner is for above ground swimming pools only and it comes with a 34-foot hose kit. This unit is easy to install and there are no tools needed. In minutes you can have a powerful above ground swimming pool cleaner at your disposal.

The Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner is just one of many automatic pool cleaners on the market. This cleaner works similar to the Zodiac Wahoo, the Sta-Rite Lil Shark Above Ground Swimming Pool Cleaners. The Zippy Pool Cleaner costs about $ 200 and you can find it at your local swimming pool supply store and many online sites.

Do some compassion shopping to see which pool cleaner and what price works best for you. There are many different varieties to choose from. The Zippy Above Ground Pool Cleaner has a 2 Year Warranty. Make sure that you read all of the warranty information and that you register you product before the deadline.