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Whirlpool Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater Review


Whirlpool has a unique Electric Water Heater, the Energy Smart Self Cleaning Electric Water Heaters. There are many different sizes of water heaters in this series. Some are as small as 6 gallons and some are as high as 80 gallons. The minimum element wattage on these water heaters is 1500 KW and the maximum is 5500 watts.
Whirlpool Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater

That is why this system so versatile. There is an Energy Smart Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater for application. One thing is certain; all of the water heaters in this series have the same features. On the Whirlpool Energy Smart Self Cleaning Electric Water Heaters, there are Low Temperature Settings that can automatically set the limits that the maximum water temperature at any degree you desire. 120 degrees is normal but if you want to reduce that temperature this feature will let you do that.

The Whirlpool Energy Smart Self Cleaning Electric Water Heaters have Control Circuits that include a manual reset high temperature that shuts off the water heater when the temperature in the heater gets too high. When the temps go back to normal the water heater can be reset with the manual set switch. There is also an upper and lower thermostat and either a single or double heating element. The Energy Smart Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater Series offers 4 users selected operated mode. These functions are very similar to the features on conventional electric water heaters. What makes these Energy Smart Systems so great is that it will automatically change and adjust the water temperature that fits the way your family’s water pattern is created. This will help prevent hot water from being used when you don’t need it.
Whirlpool Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater
It is very important to understand every aspect of your water heater that includes everything from knowing where to find the Yellow Label to reading the Yellow Label. It should also include reading the model numbers on the water heater. For example, there are 12 numbers or letters in a Whirlpool model number; each number and letter means something. Model number EE3Z80HD055V, the first E stands for Energy Smart, the second E is for Electric. The number 3 is the number of inches of foam insulation that the model has, the Z stands for the years of limited tank warranty in this case the Z means lifetime. The 80 stands for the gallon capacity of the water heater.

The H would mean that it is a tall unit, the D mean it has a double element and the 055 is the KW rating and the V stands for a Temperature and Pressure Valve. By understanding the way the model numbers read, you can see what you are getting with a Whirlpool Energy Smart Self Cleaning Electric Water Heater. If you decide to shop or just do some research online or in the stores, you will know more about the water heater than most consumers. You will be able to find the Energy Smart Water Heater that best suits your home’s needs.


  1. I have a Clayton Mobile Home and would like to replace my current water heater (30gal.) with a 40 or 50 gal. model!! Do any one you know of have a unit with bottom fittings that would work in my mobile home?? I have plenty of headspace but not too much circumference!!

  2. I would love to know what about this water heater makes it “self cleaning”? I just bought one, FYI, the 40 gallon one. Just curious…

  3. EE2H50RD045V whirlpool water heater.. need magnesium/zinc anode rod ARGH! Spent 400 on this heater now I have to buy a different anode rod for 50 because I have well water!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Julie, why is your anode rod incompatible with your private well? Did the manufacturer make this determination? Do you have excessively high mineral content? Are you using a water softener? Is that problem or another solution?

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