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Weil McLain Series CGI Series Boiler Review


The Weil McLain Series CGI Boilers are a huge seller in the heating industry. These boilers can be used with either a natural gas or, a propane application. The natural gas is capable of burning at 5 to 13″ w.c and the propane pressure is 11 to 13″ w.c inlet pressure. This Series has an Efficiency Rating of 82%, and they are water boilers. The basic boiler on the CGI Series is installed with cast in air eliminator, which help keep the air out the system, letting the boiler work to its maximum operation.Weil McLain Series CGI Series Boiler

The boiler is made with an expansion tank tapping, that is used to deflect the air that is separated in the system to the air expansion tank. The boiler uses a single supply and return lines for connections to the water supply. There are no external parts needed.The CGI Series Boiler has elastomer sealing rings that act as a permanent watertight seal that is located between the boiler sections. This helps keep the heat and water in the boiler where it belongs. The cabinet of the boiler is made with heavily insulated steel jackets that are covered with a powdered enamel finish.
Weil McLain Series CGI Series Boiler
The CGI Series Boilers offer a compact design with a low overhead, making installation into small space basements easier. These boilers are made to allow a balanced water flow throughout the entire boiler system; this feature will contribute to the efficiency of the boiler. The construction of the boiler is made with a high-grade stainless steel burner tubes. The maximum amount of working pressure on the CGI Series boilers is 50 PSIG water and it has an ASME certified symbol. All parts of the boiler are tested before they are assembled together. The boiler construction also includes all tie rods pre-assembled, a ground seal high temp silicone sealant used to protect the boiler from any leaks.

The CGI Series Boiler trims have high quality and tested electrical parts as well as a high temp limit of 140 degrees and 240 degrees. The controls also include an ASME certified pressure relief valve, which should be set at 30 PSIG, an optional relief valves are available up to the max amount of pressure allowed. The safety relief valve is installed on the side outlet on the discharge side of the boiler. The foundation of the CGI Series Boiler is made to support and concrete foundation as long at it is level . If the boiler floor is not level the CGI will can adjust to the shaping of the floor.

When you purchase a CGI Series boiler, you will get a factory tested, and pre-wired boiler. Included are the boiler manuals, gas control manuals, the users guide, and information manual. Plus, you will get the venting reading supplements and the installation instructions. You can’t go wrong when choosing a CGI Series Boiler; you will start to see the savings on your heating bill in no time.


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