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Washing Machine Shakes


If you your washing machine is shaking, moving or even doing both while your laundry is on the spin cycle this could mean one of two different things. You could have either loaded the washing machine wrong or you will need to level the washing machine with the adjustment legs. You will always want to load your laundry evenly through the drum of the washing machine, This way when your laundry gets wet from the water it will not clump up to one side and then cause the washing machine to vibrate, thumb, walk or even shake when its on the spin cycle.Washing Machine Shakes

If you know that you are loading the washing machine the correct way and you still have problems with vibrations or shaking during the laundry cycle you will have to first grab a level and an adjustable wrench so you can adjust the legs on the bottom of the washing machine. Once you have your tools you will want to take the level and check from front to back and side to side to see how far off the washing machine is sitting from level. Once you have taken notice you can adjust the legs with the open end wrench to make the washing machine level. You can turn each one of the four adjustable legs up and down to raise or lower that corner of the washing machine. The bubble of the level should be between the two big lines when the washing machine is level. If the bubble is touching or past either one of the lines on the side you are not 100% level.
Top Load Washing Machine
Once you level the front and the sides of the washing machine you will want to go back and double check to make sure that the washing machine is now level both ways. Once you are sure the washing machine is level you can now load the washing machine back up with clothes and run a load of laundry to make sure your washing machine no longer shakes or vibrates. If you are having troubles spinning out the adjustment legs on your washing machine because the unit is really old and the adjustment legs are frozen or rusty you could always use some shims to level the washing machine.

You buy wood, plastic or metal shims or you can even make them yourself if you are handy. Shims are the alternative way to level your washing machine if your adjustment legs are stuck in place or won’t function for whatever the reason. When using shims make sure to place the shims in the corners of the washing machine or even under the adjustment legs if they have a flat surface. You also could buy replacement washing machine leveling legs from an appliance repair and parts store if you wanted to.

If you have tried to level your washing machine yourself and you are still having trouble with the shaking and walking when doing laundry you may want to hire an appliance guy to come and level the washing machine for you. You also may want to make sure that the level you are using is working correctly.


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