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Washing Machine Installation Guide


WeT HeaD KnowledgeThe Tools That Are Needed To Install A Washing Machine:

Washing machines need to have the water and the drain lines connected during a hook up. The tools that are needed to hook up a washing machine are; channel lock pliers, flat head screw driver and a small pair of regular pliers. If the floor or surface of were the washing machine is being installed is not level then a bubble level would be required.

Connecting The Washing Machine Water Lines:

The Washing machine service tech will hook up both the hot and the cold water lines to the washing machine. On the back of the washing machine there should be a hold and cold water inlet that the service tech will hook up the washing machine water hoses to. These hoses look almost like garden hoses but and much shorter and most of the time they are black.

Two Hoses are required to hook up the washing machine. One hose will connect the hot water inlet on the back of the washing machine to the hot water supply valve. The other washing machine water hose will be connect to the cold water inlet on the back of the washing machine to the cold water supply valve.

Connecting The Washing Machine Drain Line:

The washing machine installer or service tech will have to hook up the washing machine drain line as well to the p-trap and the washing machine soap stack. The washing machine drain hose is usually a 1 1/4 flexible hose that will connect from the washing machine drain pump to the washing machine drain on your plumbing system. The washing machine hose usually goes into something which is called a “soak stack” which is a long vertical pipe that is connected to a plumbing p trap and then to the main line.

Leveling The Washing Machine:

If the washing machine area is not level then the washing machine adjustment legs will have to be used. Most service technicians will always make sure the washing machine is level no matter how the floor looks.

The washing machine service guy can adjust the legs of the washing machine clockwise or counter clockwise depending on which way the machine needs to tilt. You need to level the washing machine because otherwise the spin cycle on most washing machines can cause the machine to “walk”. When an appliance walks it just means that it moves back and forth but also in a forward or backward motion as well.

Testing The Washing Machine After Hook-up:

After the Maytag man or the other washing machine service professional hooks up your washing machine they will need to test it. The best way to test the washing machine is to make sure that the water and the drain lines are not leaking. The service guy will make sure the water lines are not leaking when he turns on the washing machine valves. If the washing machine valves do not leak then the service tech will fill up the washing machine a bit and then run the spin cycle to make sure that the washing machine drain line and p trap do not leak. The washing machine technician will also make sure that the washing machine does not rock or walk on the spin cycle as well.

Basic Washing Machine Troubleshooting:

Question: “I turn my washing machine on but I have no water”

Answer: Your washing machine supply valves may be turned off. You may need to turn them back on.

Question: “Do I really need to call a plumber or service tech to install my washing machine?”

Answer: Its always best to let someone with plumbing experience that is also licensed do the work, and in most states its the law.

Question: “What would a plumber or service tech charge me to install my washing machine”

Answer: The price would depend on your location but an average price is $75 – $125.00 for the service call.

Question: “What happens if the water lines get hooked up backwards?”

Answer: When you use the washing machine on Hot the water will be cold and the cold would be Hot on the dial.


  1. I’m about to get my washing machine delivered from Sears this week. Would you recommend those steel wrapped hoses? They are expensive and I’ve been told they are better.

  2. Keeping the washing machine level is very important, it greatly affects the performance of the machine and negligence on this can cause damaging. Overall, great info!

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