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Vissemann Vitorond 100 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler


One of the best oil fired boilers in the Viessmann Boiler inventory is the Vitorond 100. This oil-fired boiler has a durable cast iron heat exchanger that the boiler relies on for the maximum amount of service that a boiler can give. The Vitorond 100 Boiler uses a clean combustion, which eliminates high emissions. The boiler comes with either the Beckett or the Riello Burner, two of the best burners in the business.Vissemann Vitorond 100 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler

The Vitorond 100 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler comes with a 3-1/2″ thick insulation that protects the boiler against standby heat loss and it will even help save you on energy and gas costs. The Vitorond 100 has a new direct vent option that will help eliminate the need for a chimney and an air supply opening for the combustion. Also new on the Vitorond 100 is the multiple control option where you have a standard 24 vac thermostat.The Vissemann Vitorond 100 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler has some great benefits; one of them is that you can actually save money by using the Vitorond 100 Oil Fired Boiler. The boiler is a high efficiency with a rating of 87% AFUE. The boiler is a maximum heat boiler with a triple pass design. The 3-pass design gives the heat three chances to heat up the boiler. It makes the boiler more efficient.
Vissemann  Vitorond 100  Oil Fired Boiler
Like some other boilers the Vissemann Vitorond 100 Oil Fired Hot Water Boiler has an easy access panel giving technicians and homeowners easy access for inspections and service. The combustion chamber door has a full swing left or right-hinged door. The Vitorond 100 can offer you low maintenance cost by installing a burner that is easy to install and it has an easy to clean flue gas passageways. This boiler offers extra energy savings with fewer emissions due to the cleaner combustion emissions. The boiler is equipped with a modulating boiler water temp when you use the control options. Some of the standard features that come with the Vitorond 100 is the Boiler shell that is insulated and pre fabricated. Also included is a 30 psig Pressure Relief Valve and a Drain Valve.

Also included are the Fittings needed for installation, the Tridicator and the Honeywell Aquastat. The boiler stand has to be ordered separately. Vissemann offers some boiler control options that don’t come with the standard Vitorond 100. Some of these options are Vitotronic 100; KK10 is an enhanced boiler control works with a high temperature heating system. The Vitotronic 100, KW10 is used for an enhanced boiler control that is used for modulating temperature heating systems equipped with an indoor and outdoor system control.

There are 6 different models in the Series; they range in MBH from 91,000 to 245,000 MBH. They are all rated at 87% AFUE, they are designed to save you money as well as get the maximum input and output of any boiler in the business today. The unit is compact and can easily be installed in any basement; the measurements are 15-1/2″ in width, 25-1/2″ in depth and 30-1/2″ in height.

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