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Viessman Vitocell- H 100 Hot Water Tank


The Viessman Vitocell- H 100 water tank is one of the best on the market. Some of the benefits of the Vitocell- H 100 is that they offer an energy efficient hot water, perfect with any boiler. There is little to zero standby heat loss. That is because the Viessman Vitocell-H 100 uses a foamed in HCFC free insulation. The idea of a boiler is to help keep your home warm in the wintertime. If boilers start losing heat when the boiler isn’t on then it is time to get a new boiler and a new hot water tank as well.Viessman Vitocell- H 100 Hot Water Tank

Some of the benefits of the Vitocell-H 100 is the horizontal tank is a best bet for homeowners who are looking to save money. The Vitocell-H 100 does come in both a horizontal and a vertical design. The vertical tank has a capacity of 120 gallons. Some of the other benefits of the Vitocell-H 100 is that they offer corrosion protected steel tank shell and a magnesium anode that gives extra protection to the tank. The heat exchangers non finned tubular style coil will extend all the way to the bottom of the tank, the benefit of this is that the coil will heat the entire water that is in the boiler rather than just the water that usually surrounds the coils. This will eliminate cold spots in the domestic hot water. Most coils do not go to the bottom of the tank.
Viessman Vitocell- H 100 Hot Water Tank
Some of the standard equipment that comes with the Viessman Vitocell- H 100 is the Domestic Hot Water Storage Tank is made from Steel and is coated with a two coat enamel finish. Plus the water tank is insulated with a thick coat of polyurethane foam insulation. With this combination you can be sure that you are getting the most amount of efficiency from this tank. The Vitocell-H 100 comes with a factory installed consumable anode, an adjustable leveling feet and an incorporated thermometer.

Most of the packaged parts are in one box but the following come packaged separately but are shipped together. The thermometer, the Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve, the Sensor Well with insulation and the Installation, Operating, Start Up and Service Instructions. Some of the technical specs that work with this tank is the Domestic Hot Water Supply has a working pressure of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. The maximum amount working pressure of the heat exchanger side is up to 150 psig and the maximum Domestic Hot Water Supply is up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The Vitocell-H 100 hot water tank is a compact water tank that works great with side-to-side installation or as a vertical install. The unit measures up to 41-1/2 inches in length, 25-1/4 inches in width and 25-3/4 inches in height.

The unit weighs about 227 pounds and can be installed with a 1″ heating water supply return connection. The Domestic Hot Water and Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve uses a connection of 3/4″. Make sure that you read the installation manuals before installing.

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