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Uponor ProPEX Systems Buyers Guide


More plumbing companies are using PEX for their plumbing jobs both commercially and residentially. One of the popular systems of PEX is the Uponor ProPEX Systems. This company offers a strong and reliable way to connect piping that can withstand extreme conditions, in fact Uponor can withstand up to 1,000 pounds of force. Some of the key benefits of using Uponor ProPEX System is that they have a full range of sizes that start from 3/8 inches to 2 inches.Uponor ProPEX Systems Buyers Guide

The Uponor ProPEX System is simple to use, you would place a ProPEX Ring over the end of the tubing and expand the tubing as well as the ring with a PEX expansion tool then the expanded tubing will go over a fitting, then the ring and PEX will shrink around the fitting. The visual systems will conform over proper connections. There are no calibrations or go or go-no gauges to be used. The best feature is that it will take you less time to install unlike when you use brass or copper. ProPEX has been around since 1993 and millions of connections have been made in homes for fire safety or radiant floor heating systems. ProPEX and PEX tubing a 25-year limited warranty. Let’s take a look at what the Uponor ProPEX System has to offer and why they are one of the most popular.

Uponor ProPEX Systems Specifications

ProPEX Connections works best by using the shape memory of Uponor’s PEX Tubing. By using this method it will make the connection more reliable and tighter. As we mentioned earlier the ProPEX and the Ring expand over the fitting and by using a special ProPEX Connection Tool you can ensure a tight connection. This tool that is used is available in air powered, battery powered or manual. All ProPEX connections are certified to the NSF 14 and 61 and meet all of the requirements of the CSA.
Uponor ProPEX

Benefits of the Uponor ProPEX Systems

Some of the benefits of the Uponor ProPex Systems is that they are available on both styles of brass and EP. The EP fittings are a bit more beneficial because they use an all-plastic system that will offer a savings from the cost of metal that can rise at any time. Another benefit of the ProPEX System is that it will work with Wirsbo AQUAPEX and Wirsbo hePEX. By using the ProPEX System, the installer will save time and money due to the fact that there is only one tool needed and no torches or glues are needed. It is a cleaner and more productive way to work.

How is the ProPEX Connections Made?

The Uponor ProPEX Connections are simple to do, the first thing you need to do is make a square cut of PEX tubing upright and take off all excess materials from the tubing that can get in the way of the connection fittings. Then you want to slide the ProPEX Ring on the end of the tubing. Now bring out the end of the ring over the end part of the tubing, but make sure that it is not more than 1/16 of an inch. If you have chosen to use the ProPEX Hand Expander Tool, you will want to hold the tool against your body for leverage. The handle of the tool will come together once the cut is made.

If you have chosen to use the Battery or Air Expander Tools you will place the expander header into the tubing until the tool stops. Then any full expansions may be necessary to make the accurate connection. Hold the trigger of the tool to get the tubing to expand. Let go of the trigger and take the head out of the tubing and rotate it about 1/8 of an inch after each time you expand. Repeat the process, of course this is just an abridged way to make the full connections. You can get more detailed information on the Uponor website.

Troubleshooting ProPEX Systems

PEX is not foolproof; there are problems with PEX like everything else. Here are just some of the problems that installers have encountered with PEX and some of the solutions that may be offered. The first problem is that the Fittings Will Not Seal, if you are having this problem then there are a few things you can do. One of them is to ensure that the expander header is secured very tightly onto the tool. Then you can check to make sure that the segment fingers are straight and not bent. Another troubleshooting method is that you make sure that the last expansion is not in the expanded position before you place the fitting inside.

Another problem may be If the Expansion Head Falls Out of the Tubing As Expansions Are Being Made. This can be fixed by making sure that the tubing and the ProPEX Rings are 100% dry. You also want to make sure that there isn’t any grease getting into the tubing. Lastly, What if there are Cold Weather Expansions, you will have temperatures that will affect the amount of time it will take for the expansion to shrink around a fitting. The colder it is outside the longer it will take. You can warm the ProPEX fittings by placing the fittings and rings in your pocket or someplace warm to keep them from getting cold. These are just a few ways to troubleshoot PEX, everyone has had their problems and ProPEX is not without it’s problems.

Why Choose Uponor Connections?

Uponor has been in business for over 30 years. They were the first company to expose the cross-linked polyethylene tubing for potable water systems back in the 60s’. Uponor has about 1000 feet of PEX in world installations. Uponor offers watertight connections, which offers you peace of mind when it comes to getting the job done. ProPEX fittings offer fast connections and fast installations. Homeowners can save money on installers’ fees when the installer used Uponor ProPEX Systems. Another reasons to use Uponor ProPEX Systems is that the materials use will not affect the environment at all. Their radiant heating systems use less energy and will improve air quality. ProPEX Systems will also help conserve water and improve fire safety. There are just so many different types of PEX Systems out there. But Uponor has some great things to offer. They have some great specifications and benefits in using their systems. In addition to the specs and benefits they will help you understand any problems that arise when using their system as well as offer fast and reliable installation. Customers who use this PEX System can save money and heating costs and water bills because Uponor is dedicated to water conservation. Read more about Uponor on their website.

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