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Unclog Your Tub: $5.99 + Walmart


If your bathtub is draining slowly or possibly even clogged to a point where it takes hours to drain, then your going to have to figure out a way to unclog the drain in the tub. Most people think this is a huge task that has to be preformed by a plumber, but in fact you could unclog your bathtub for only $5.99 + tax and a trip to your local Walmart. That’s right you can buy a small hand snake that will fit down the trip lever of your tub and then you will be able to clear the stoppage that is inside.Unclog Your Tub: $5.99 + Walmart

To clear the tub drain with the hand snake that you got from Walmart for $5.99 you will first need to remove the two Philips head screws that are on the trip lever face plate. Once you remove the two screws you can remove the face plate and then pull the trip lever assembly out of the trip lever. After the trip lever assembly has been removed from the trip lever you can take your hand snake and insert it into the trip lever and then start feeding it down into the drain.

If your tub is already clogged and your pushing the hand snake cable through the plumbing you possible will see the water in the tub start to drain if you clear the stoppage while pushing the metal cable through the pipes. If your tub has not started to drain yet you can pull the metal cable back out of the trip lever and that could possibly pull the stoppage from the trip lever. You will want to push the hand snake cable back and into the drain pipe and trip lever and then pull it back out again a few times until the tub starts to drain. Most of the time hair and soap will cause the bathtub not to drain and its a matter of using the snake to clear those things from the drain pipe.

So next time you have a clogged bathtub or you are in a Walmart store you can pick up a hand snake for under $6.00 dollars and be ready to clear that stoppage. The hand snake also makes perfect gift for under $10 for someone you love or know that is into DIY home projects or loves tools.

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