WeT HeaD KnowledgeWhen we think of water heaters, we usually think of the home or a commercial building but we overlook that mobile homes need water heaters too. Mobile home water heaters come in all different brands as well as styles. They also can range in price depending on what type you buy.

Here are three top rated water heaters for mobile homes. These water heaters are the perfect size and design suited for any size mobile home. The top three companies are Whirlpool, American and US Craftmaster. Let’s start with the Whirlpool Mobile Home water heater. Whirlpool 30 gallon Mobile Home Electric Water Heater is one of the company’s premier water heaters. The water heater has a slim design that is perfect for mobile homes because they do not have basements where these units can be installed like in module homes. The 30 Gallon Electric water heater uses 3500 watts and a 240-volt copper-heating element. With numbers like that you can rest assured that the water heater will be effective in heating the home properly.

The unit comes with a factory installed temperature and pressure relief valve and the unit is protected by 2″ foam insulation. This will help keep in the heat and will evenly distribute the heat throughout the mobile home. The number of family members that best work with this water heater is 2. The efficiency of the water heater is 93% and it is has a water heater style designed for a mobile home. The American 30 Gallon Lowboy Electric water heater for Mobile Homes has a 6-year warranty on the tank and on the parts. This water heater uses a two heating element system and uses about 4.5 Kw of power and 240 volts. This mobile home water heater has a factory installed Side Temperature and Pressure Valve. The unit is protected with a non-metallic, corrosion resistant drain valve and a Non CFC Polyurethane Foam that will protect the water heater from heat loss and will significantly reduce the energy costs of this unit.

The American 30 gallon Lowboy water heater also has heat traps installed into the unit, these will help the inlet and outlet to lessen the heat loss when the water heater is on standby. The dip tube of the water heater will bring in the cold inlet water deeper into the tank than other units. The design was created to help lessen the temperature dilution of hot water. This mobile home water heater has a Fused Ceramic Shield that lines the tank to protect the unit from rust and other sediments that build up. This is one of American water heaters premier water heaters; they are efficient and will save you money on your heating costs in the cold winter months.

The last of the top three water heaters for mobile homes is the US Craftmaster 30 Gallon Electric Water Heater. This mobile home water heater offers a slim style design much like the Whirlpool water heater we mentioned earlier. This is perfect for mobile home installations. The 30-gallon Electric water heater from US Craftmaster offer a dual copper-heating element, this is designed for better and more evenly distributed heating. The factory installed Temperature and Pressure Relief Valve is mounted on the top of the water heater so easy access.

The wattage that this unit uses is 4500 watts and 240 volts. The unit is about 45-1/4″ tall and it is perfect for smaller mobile homes. These units are efficient and are specifically designed to help you reduce your heating costs. The unit is foam insulated to help keep the heat in. The first hour recovery set at 90 degrees is 20.7 gallons. These top companies understand that finding a water heater that will suit your needs can be tedious and frustrating at times. That is why they use the most current technology to keep their designs simple and efficient. All water heaters are tested and certified before they are released to the public. You can shop around for water heaters designed for mobile homes but these are the top three units from three of the best companies in the business.

You won’t find any three water heaters better suited for the needs of mobile home installations. Have a qualified company or dealer technician do the installation. Mobile homes are set up a bit differently than other homes, plus if you attempt to install the water heater on your own, you may not do the install correctly and you will have to call a technician and it may void parts of the warranty.